Ever wonder why a glass of sun tea always tastes so crisp and delicious? It’s because the sunlight charges the water during the brewing process and it becomes a living water that is more nutritious and delicious than water just poured from the tap. And if you want your sun tea to have the best flavor, try brewing it with a few bags of Choice Organic Teas ( All varieties are Fair Trade Certified, gluten-free and even kosher.

Masala Chai and Rooibos Chai are our favorites for sun tea preparations, using a tall glass container with lid and allowing to steep in direct sunlight for at least 5 to 6 hours. Use 2 to 3 bags for optimum flavor.  There are 30 different flavor choices when you select “Choice” , including Yerba Mate Mint, Darjeeling, Lemon Lavender Mint and Ginger. And all Choice tea bags also make a comforting cup of hot tea, so you can substitute Premium Korean Green or Decaffeinated Green for your usual morning cup of coffee.

Choice Organic Teas for Brewing Sun Tea – Gotta Love It!