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Keep this item in your pantry throughout the fall!

Why wait for Thanksgiving to enjoy a delicious meal featuring roast turkey when  Manischewitz Roasted Turkey Gravy ( makes it so easy to incorporate turkey into your menu on a moment’s notice.

We recently enjoyed open face turkey sandwiches thanks to this versatile jar of gravy, easy to store and easy to pour, with no MSG and a delicate flavor that enhances everything from poultry and mashed potatoes to rice and stuffing.

Manischewitz Roasted Turkey Gravy – Gotta Love It!


 Fill your dessert bowl with too many scoops of ice cream from your freezer can quickly make you unintentionally tubby. But fill your freezer with the newest dessert sensation, Arctic Zero (, and you’ll satisfy your craving for a delicious, creamy, frozen dessert without gaining an ounce.

You can eat an entire pint of Arctic Zero and only consume 150 calories! No wonder the company calls this product a “super dessert” – great for those watching calories, diabetics and those on a vegan and gluten-free diet. Plenty of scrumptious flavors to choose from – strawberry, chocolate peanut butter and just in time for Halloween Pumpkin Spice are among our favorites. Also comes in dessert bars in addition to the convenient to store pints.

Arctic Zero — Gotta Love It!

Plenty of delicious flavors to choose from


You'll get addicted to Guiltless Gourmet Crunches

If you’re like us and have given up on nut brittles because they tend to be too sticky and hard to chew, you will love the all natural snack Crunches introduced by Manischewitz Company under the Guiltless Gourmet label (

The roasted cashew crunch variety we sampled offered wonderful little bite-sized pieces of crisp cashews with just a kiss of sweetness, gluten-free, vegan and with no GMO ingredients. The authentic  taste of the cashew shines through and the sweetness is a nice compliment. Other varieties include cherries & berries and roasted almond.

Guiltless Gourmet Roasted Cashew Crunch – Gotta Love It!

Still the Best Partner for Morning Coffee

How about a freshly baked Pistachio Bite to accompany your steaming hot cup of coffee?  Or a Candied Ginger Donut Star, or perhaps a donut with a New Orleans twist of Praline Pecans? All of these donut goodies are possible right from your own kitchen using George Geary’s newly released “150 Best Donut Recipes” (

We think that donuts have gotten a bum rap in recent years with all the hoopla about dining low calorie and low fat. We’re not suggested donuts as a steady daily diet, but Geary’s recipes are so creative, we think that the donut category deserves some reconsideration as a pastry treat now and then. Easy to follow recipes, gorgeous photography and a nice mix of classic and conventional donuts as well as more exotic offerings, using baking or frying preparation methods. Forget those stale offerings at the local donut chain store and start cookin’ up your own fresh creations!

“150 Best Donut Recipes” by George Geary – Gotta Love It!




Ready for some healthy and nutritious fall dishes that are also easy on the budget? “250 Best Beans, Lentils and Tofu Recipes” recently released by Robert Rose Publishers ( is just what the doctor ordered, including both vegetarian as well as meat dishes that can be made ahead of time and all in one dish.

Great twists on some comfort food favorites, as well as some innovative creations like Eggplant Lentil Ragout and Cajun-Style Tomatoes and Okra. Easy to follow recipes, great prep and serving suggestions, with ingredients easy to find at farmers markets and supermarkets alike. A great resource if you need inspiration for a potluck contribution or family get-together that doesn’t break the bank.

“250 Best Beans, Lentils and Tofu Recipes” – Gotta Love It!



OXO Tools Perfect for the Apple Harvest

Today we’re singing the praises of a group of kitchen tools produced by OXO ( in their Good Grips lineup that is perfect for apple season.  All of them come with easy to grip handles that prevent slipping, feel very comfortable in your hand and they are not only easy to use but clean-up is a cinch.

The OXO apple slicer/corer is perfect for slicing uniform fruit pieces to enjoy in pies and tartes, while the peeler does extra duty also peeling potatoes, root vegetables and other fruits. If you want your apple cored but not sliced so you can stuff and bake them, try the OXO apple corer. All of these utensils are affordable, easy to use and make creating fall dishes much more enjoyable because preparing them is a lot less work.

OXO Good Grips for fall, including Apple Corers, Slicer/Corers and Peelers – Gotta Love It!



Add color and flair to fall kitchen creations

A bottle of Wilton Sprinkles (  in Micro Leaves shapes and colors is one item you will definitely want to have in your kitchen cabinet this fall. Not only will these tasty sprinkles add color and panache to cupcakes and cake decorating, kids of all ages can go to town adding some fall flair to breakfast oatmeal, hot chocolate whipped cream and the make your own sundae bar. Available at arts and crafts retailers such as A.C. Moore and Michael’s nationwide.

Wilton Sprinkles – Gotta Love It!