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Five different flavors come in the Cretor’s Sampler Pack.

When you keep G.H.Cretors Popcorn(  in your pantry, it’s easy to create a spontaneous party for the holidays because all you have to do is open and pour!

Cretors are popcorn experts, having introduced the first commercial popcorn machine in Chicago back in 1893. We love that their flavors are authentic and each kernal is fat and fluffy. Our favorite way of enjoying them is popping them slowly one by one  into our mouth as the puffiness melts away. There’s a choice of five tempting flavors, including sweet but not cloying Kettle Corn, a five-star Just the Cheese, a Chicago Mix combining cheese and caramel (our favorite),  a satisfying  Just the Caramel Corn, and  a chewy-crunchy Caramel Nut Mix.  Great for home entertaining as well as gift-giving.

G.H.Cretors Popcorn – Gotta Love It!

When recipes call for small amounts of liquid, it can be frustrating to pour the flavoring, oil, water or food coloring from an unwieldy teaspoon. The OXO Good Grips Mini Measuring Beaker Set (   is the versatile answer for having mini-amounts of ingredients at the ready in accurate portions.

Non-slip colorful bottoms to each beaker can also be used as an identifying element for what’s inside. Easy to pour spout and quick clean-up. This Mini Measuring Beaker Set of four different sizes and colors  makes a great culinary stocking stuffer!

The OXO Good Grips Mini Measuring Beaker Set – Gotta Love It!

The November 15th issue celebrates California Cabernets

Present a friend with a bottle of wine for the holidays and the enjoyment is soon over. But gift them with a subscription to Wine Spectator Magazine ( and every two weeks they can enjoy some of the best features and news stories about the wine industry available anywhere.

The November 15th issue highlights great California Cabernets 2009, along with the inside story of  the Kendall-Jackson wine empire, A Wine Lover’s Guide to Boston, Argentina wine-maker Nicolas Catena and wine ratings on more than 1350 vintages.

Wine Spectator Magazine – Gotta Love It!

The Party Bag contains 115 pieces.

It’s easy to throw an impromptu Halloween party when you have Hershey’s Party Bag in your cupboard ( This 36 oz. bag features a generous 115 pieces of Kit Kat and Reese’s Peanut Butter cup miniatures, perfect for keeping your sweet treat bowls filled for hungry ghosts and goblins.

Scoop up an extra bag or two so you have some leftovers after October 31 – because these miniatures are such a welcome treat to find in lunch bags, to keep in an office desk drawer to satisfy the munchies,  or as an after-school snack paired with an apple or peanut butter sandwich.

Hershey’s Party Bag – Gotta Love It!

Good Grips Scoops work great on seed removal.

Time to get that Halloween pumpkin ready for carving, but removing the seeds inside can prove to be a messy job. OXO Good Grips Scoops to the rescue !

The large size scoop easily and neatly removes seeds from the pumpkin’s interior cavity so you can save them for roasting later.  The handle features a soft, non-slip material and because these scoops have no sharp edges, they are kid friendly. We also love the splash of color the bowl of the scoop gives our kitchen. They also serve double duty as a serving utensil for dishes like puddings and potato salads.

OXO Good Grip Scoop Set — Gotta Love It!

All Crispy Green fruits are 100% freeze dried.

Time to get your Trick Or Treat goodies in order since many communities use the weekend prior to Halloween as official Trick or Treating times.  For a 100% natural snack packaged in an attractive high-tech looking silver pouch, you can’t beat Crispy Green (

Fresh and sweet raw fruits are put through a special freeze drying process, resulting in a sweet and sour crunchy snack item that seems like something the astronauts carried into space.  Bananas and Apples are our favorites from a line-up that also includes Mangos, Cantaloupe, Asian Pears and Pineapples.

The company also produces equally delicious “Fruitzio” treats that comes in Kiwifruit, Apricots, Strawberries, Peaches and an Apple-Strawberry combo (our favorite).

Crispy Green and Fruitzios – Gotta Love It!

Easily attaches magnetically!

Here’s a great stocking stuffer for every cook on your list – the OXO Good Grips Magnetic Digital Timer ( This handy little device allows you to keep track of cooking and baking times, short naps and even beauty applications!

We especially like the easy to read numbers, the fact that it can be moved around the kitchen to any magnetic surface in addition to standing upright on the counter, and that the signal is loud enough to hear in another room and continues to beep for 20 minutes at intervals until you turn it off .

OXO Good Grips Magnetic Digital Timer – Gotta Love It!


Add New Orleans classic cocktails to your holiday entertaining.

There’s a great reference book that belongs on your bar shelf, the newly released “New Orleans Classic Cocktails: Spirited Recipes” by Kit Wohl ( and published by Pelican (

The recipes are mouthwatering, the photography of each cocktail is simply gorgeous and there’s great advice included about mixes and garnishes and how to properly stock your home bar. There are few things that feel more classy that having a properly made cocktail served with flair in a classic bar or restaurant, but now this guidebook allows you to recreate that same inspired enjoyment in the comfort of your own home.

New Orleans Classic Cocktails by Kit Wohl – Gotta Love It!

As Star Trek’s chief engineering officer Scott used to mention so often, the right tool for the right job makes all the difference toward a successful outcome. If you are planning on baking up batches of cookies for the upcoming holiday season, check out the “Good Cookie” Spatula from OXO (

Not only will you be able to remove cookies from your pan with ease, you will also help support children’s pediatric cancer research through OXO’s Cookies for Kids’ Cancer campaign. This dishwasher safe spatula comes in a happy orange color, is nicely weighted and comfortable to use.

The OXO “Good Cookie” Spatula – Gotta Love It!


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Herradura Continues Premium Tequila Tradition

Blend tequila with apple juice & orange liquer for a Herradura Apple Dura

With so much of food and beverage news today focusing on the trendy, it’s lovely to be able to report on a beverage that’s been crafted with expertise since 1870!

Herradura Tequila ( is proudly made in Mexico and features Tequila Silver (aged in white oak 45 days), Tequila Reposado (aged 11 months) and Tequila Anejo (aged 2 years) – our favorite for sipping neat. Try a blend of all three to make a superior margarita cocktail or treat your friends to a tasting party where everyone can determine their own favorite Herradura vintage. Miniatures make great Christmas stocking stuffers.  When blended with apple cider or cranberry juice, you can create wonderful autumn cocktails perfect for a Sunday brunch, open house or be-witching celebration.

Fall is the perfect time for a Herradura Toddy.

Herradura Tequila – Gotta Love It!

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