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Spring is the perfect season for housecleaning your home as well as your body. Elizabeth Swann has written a dynamite guidebook for physical and mental renewal, “The New Green Smoothie Diet Solution” (

We challenge you to try her suggested “Green Smoothie” recipes for just one week and notice if your energy level, sleep patterns and skin don’t experience a welcome improvement.  This program for detoxing, losing weight, balancing your hormones and just taking good care of yourself is easy to do, inexpensive and varied enough so that you won’t lose interest.

The New Green Smoothie Diet Solution by Elizabeth Swann – Gotta Love It!

raw chocolate

The older we get, the more we insist on things being authentic. And for chocolate lovers, the pure bliss of savoring authentic chocolate doesn’t get any better than Raw Chocolate Love (

Raw Chocolate Love has taste ectasy built into each raw, vegan, organic piece of healthy chocolate. Just let it melt slowly on the tongue and it serves as the ultimate dessert course. And for those who enjoy a marriage of flavors, try Coconut Love, Almond Love, Goji Berry Love or the delicately flavored Orange Blossom or Mint Elegance.

Raw Chocolate Love – Gotta Love It!


big book cakes

Another weekend just around the corner? Perfect for browsing online as well as retail book stores. The newly released  Big Book of Cakes from Betty Crocker ( celebrates everything about America’s favorite dessert choice.

There’s good reason to sing the praises of cake — cake is perfect for observing birthdays, special occasions and anniversaries, cakes can be baked in a variety of shapes, served iced and decorated or unadorned and accompanied by sauces or fresh fruit. Cakes can be classic or creative and cakes freeze well to bake now and enjoy another day.

Betty Crocker, The Big Book of Cakes – Gotta Love It!


There are two little words that are total turn-offs when reading food lables — “artificially flavored.” When you are craving authentic flavor, especially the sweet aromatic flavor of real vanilla, treat yourself to Nielsen-Massey Tahitian Vanilla Beans (

We recently used the whole vanilla bean to create two different taste sensations. We marinated plain vodka with a Nielsen-Massey Tahitian vanilla bean for 7 days to create a delicately flavored vanilla vodka with a lovely aroma.  In need of a savory sauce for a bread pudding dessert, this versatile whole bean came through for us again with a stove-top prepared caramel vanilla sauce. The company’s website gives a wide range of recipes you can create using one of their true vanilla products. Don’t ever settle for an imitation when Nielsen-Massey offers you the finest vanilla beans produced in the world.

Neilsen-Massey Tahitian Vanilla Beans – Gotta Love It!



fresh BHG

This is the time of year when local Farmer’s Markets really start to blossom as spring’s bounty of asparagus, strawberries, artichokes, peppers and other wonderful produce items are available in abundance. What better way to get inspired than by picking up a copy of the newly released Better Homes and Gardens Fresh Cookbook, recipes for enjoying ingredients at their peak.

There’s a great fresh produce primer at the back of the book and 300 recipes earmarked by season ranging from salads and side dishes to shortcakes and pizza perfect for brunch. Fresher is always tastier and better and the new “Fresh” from Better Home and Gardens proves it!

The new Better Homes and Gardens “Fresh” Cookbook – Gotta Love It!