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Whether you plan on hanging out at the beach or your own backyard this summer, it’s fun to have a tall cold drink in one hand and a book in the other. Our preference is cookbooks and we enjoy being an armchair chef browsing through new releases to give us some inspiration for our summer menus and barbecues. 

We found a few worth recommending for summer reading and year-round inspiration. Miss Vickie’s Real Food Real Fast by Vickie Smith ( celebrates the rediscovered joys of using a pressure cooker to create your meals.  Lori Lange has authored “The Recipe Girl” cookbook (  that is chock full of easy to prepare dishes in which the whole family can help prepare. And for the mothers-to-be among our readership, or those throwing baby showers this summer, “Eating Expectantly” by Bridget Swinney ( is a comprehensive go-to guide for healthy eating before, during and after pregnancy.

Good books for summertime reading – Gotta Love It!

cocktail plate

We love cocktail parties but hate the jugging act you always have to do between your beverage glass and your plate full of appetizers. We’ll leave the jugging act to those trained by the circus! Luckily, the very smart folks at Holdaplate ( have come up with a brilliant solution.

The Holdaplate features a specially designed LipGrip that you can easily wrap around one finger, allowing you to hold both your cocktail glass and your goodies with one hand, leaving the other free for handshakes, friendly waves and refilling your plate at the buffet table.  Available in a variety of colors to suit any tableservice decor, including classic black or white, Holdaplate is reusable, equally comfortable for the right or the left hand and can accommodate a wide range of finger sizes. It also is available constructed from recyclable materials that make it disposable after the party is over.

Holdaplate, The Cocktail Plate Evolution – Gotta Love It!


It’s easy to learn how to love wines, savor wines and pair wines with your favorite foods, all from the comfort  of your favorite armchair, when you enjoy Wine Spectator Magazine (

This beautifully illustrated and written publication covers a wide range of topics and helps to make wine education accessbile to wine neophites and professionals alike. The recent May 31st issue will be of special interest to sushi lovers, but no matter which issue you happen to pick up at your local wine shoppe, you are guaranteed to learn something new or novel about wines, how they are produced, marketed and best enjoyed.

You can purchase Wine Spectator by the issue or enjoy savings with an annual subscription, which also makes the perfect birthday or holiday gift.

Wine Spectator Magazine – Gotta Love It!

kontos flatbread

As the weather warms up, we love the convenience of sandwiches, but get tired of traditional square loaf sandwich bread. The folks at Kontos Foods, Inc. offer a better idea with their Kontyos Greek Lifestyle Flatbread (

We were amazed at just how versatile this flabread is, from making falafal sandwiches for lunch to filling with an egg, cheese and salsa combination for breakfast to spread with cream cheese for an afternoon snack. Kontos has also formulated its flatbread to contain more protein with less sugar and calories. Keep an extra package or two handy in the freezer.

Kontos Greek Lifestyle Flatbread – Gotta Love It!


Ever notice how taking a cookie break can make everything in your day seem a lot less serious. Well, cancer in  kids is serious business, but the “All the Good Cookies” cookbook by Gretchen Holt-Witt ( offers sweet inspiration with more than 60 recipes for keeping your own cookie jar full in addtiion to helping eradicate childhood cancers.

Nicely illustrated with a wide range of creative cookie styles, from Potato Chip Sandies and Deep Chocolate Cherry Cashew Cookies to Doggie Cookies suitable for both humans and their canine pals and Toffee-Almond Meringues. Brighten up someone’s day by surprising them with this wonderful cookie recipe book, then treat yourself to a cookie break – you deserve it!


All the Good Cookies – Gotta Love It!cancercookies

founders reserve

Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto ( is perfect for sipping slowly on a snowy winter’s night. This is a rich libation that can be savored solo.  But now that spring has arrived and summer’s entertainment season is just around the corner, we keep  our bottle of Sandeman very handy on our bar because we’ve discovered it makes great mixed cocktails that are refreshing for warmer weather.

In addition to blending it with Scotch Whiskey, Blood Orange Juice and honey cucumber water to create a delightful carbonated Founders Fizz, Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto also is a key ingredient for Sangria, Margaritas, Cosmos and a bracing Sandeman Rush featuring well-chilled Sandeman shaken with Scotch and Kahlua, garnishedc with a cinnamon stick.

Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto