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If you keep your slow cooker appliance in reserve for cold weather comfort meals only, you’re missing out on a chance to make easy and delicious meals year-round. The crock pot introduced more than 40 years ago is celebrated in Beth Hensperger’s “Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook”, co-written by food columnist Julie Kaufmann  ( and this bible will really open your eyes as to how slow cooking can make the livin’ and eatin’ easy during the summertime.

In addition to expert information about how to choose and use a slow cooker, Hensperger provides more than 300 inspired recipes you can prepare first thing in the morning and be enjoying at your dinner table with a glass of wine by nightfall.  This cookbook also makes a great bridal shower gift for the summer bride.

Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook – Gotta Love It!


When today’s forecast of hot and humid weather is the same as yesterday’s and the day before that, it’s time to treat yourself to a real ice cream milk shake at your local Sonic Drive-In (

Sonic offers a wide range of milk shake flavors (ours is Strawberry-Banana) in a variety of sizes, including minis, and uses real ice cream and real whipped cream for garnish. A total taste indulgence even on the hottest summer dog day.

Sonic Drive-In Ice Cream Shakes – Gotta Love It!



Feel like exploring someplace exotic this summer but don’t have the time, funds or means to travel right now? Check out the July 31st issue of Wine Spectator ( for a wonderful armchair tour of the burgeoning wine country of South Africa.

In addition to gorgeous photography and knowledgeable commentary from experts, you will also be treated to great recommendations on the best places to stay and visit for when you do make that trip. Also great overall recommendations on South African wines you can purchase here in the states, and a lovely feature about summer grilling, with wine recommendations to match.

Wine Spectator: Discover South Africa issue – Gotta Love It!



Ready to shake up your summer cocktails and mocktails? Check out the 2013 line-up of limited edition summer Polar Seltzer flavors (. now available at your local supermarket.

What we like best about these new Polar Seltzer flavors is their crisp taste and authenticity, ranging from cucumber melon and pina colada to pomegranate sangria, mint mojito and ginger lemonade. They taste delicious right out of the bottle, served neat or on the rocks or blend them with other juices and alcohol ingredients to create fun summer cocktails.

Polar Seltzer Limited Edition Sparkling Waters – Gotta Love It!


We recently came across Samantha Logan’s newly released “The 5:2 Fast Diet Cookbook: 150 Easy Fat-Burning Recipes Under 300 Calories” (  and highly recommend it was the cookbook to keep handy for light and fresh summer dining.

Packed with a wide range of creative fresh ingredient recipes, including Not So Shabby Crabby Bisque, Grilled Shrimp and Corn Salad and Mediterranean-Style Stuffed Pork Chops. It’s amazing how well you can dine for less than 300 calories and if you reduce your intake just 2 days out of every 7 to 600 calories or less, you’ll be amazed at how well your bikini or Speedo will fit on the beach over the next few months.

The 5:2 Fast Diet Cookbook by Samantha Logan – Gotta Love It!