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If you feel that it has been easier said than done to eat foods that are more nutrition dense for good health and immune system protection, Linwoods (  has a line-up of delicious Super Foods that you can sprinkle over everything from breakfast cereals and pancakes to salads, soups and yogurt parfaits in order to bump up the taste and nutritional value of any meal.  Just one ounce added to any meal increases your Vitamin B, antioxidant, protein, flavanol and fiber consumption.

Choose from nutty Hemp and toasty Flaxseed to more complex Super Foods blends of Flaxseed, Cocoa, Strawberries & Blueberries to a mix of Flaxseed, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts & Q10 or a combination of Flax, Sunflower, Pumpkin & Sesame Seeds and Goji Berries that is perfect for fall recipes.

These milled Super Foods come in convenient 12 ounce resealable packages so you can scoop out as much of the product as you want and reclose it for future use. Fresh, tasty, nutty and satisfying and also much more affordable than having to buy an assortment of seeds, nuts and grains at the natural foods stores and mixing up the right blend of components yourself!

Linwoods Super Foods – Gotta Love It!




Opening a bottle of Nielsen-Massey Organic Fairtrade Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract is like being transported to an exotic island where authenticity is king when it comes to flavorings.  This vanilla has such a distinct aroma and full-bodied vanilla flavor that it will definitely become one of your most versatile ingredients for a wide array of dishes.

Bread pudding, French Toast and  a dreamy sauce for ripe raspberries are among our favorite ways to use NM vanilla extract. It’s a great addition to soups, casseroles and chili pots as well as an indispensible ingredient for all of your upcoming holiday baked goods. There is plenty of recipe inspiration to be found at

Organic Fairtrade Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract from Neilsen-Massey – Gotta Love It!


mini pie

If you are tired of sandwiches for your brown bag back to school lunches, get a bit creative this fall using some of the wonderful recipe ideas suggested in “175 Best Mini Pie Recipes” Sweet to Savory cookbook from Julie Anne Hession (

Many of the recipes can be prepared ahead of time and then frozen for later baking, so you can whip up a batch and then parcel them out into your lunch bags and boxes throughout the week.   In addition to hand held pies, there are recipe suggestions for tarts, phyllo dough pockets, phyllo dough triangles, filled puff pastry and pie pops that will be a big hit with the kids.  The sweet and savory fillings range from traditional fruits and flavored creams to seafood, meats and vegetables.

“175 Best Mini Pie Recipes”  by Julie Anne Hession – Gotta Love It!

ImageEver wonder how to improve on the perfection of a perfectly ripe tomato slice,  a refreshing salad of organic greens or a piece of imported Italian mozzarella?  Stoger offers four varieties of pure seed oils ( that add authentic flavor, color and intensity to the most simple dishes in addition to making a delicious dip for bread and crackers for the appetizer portion of your meal.

Our favorite is the Organic Pumpkin, rich and earthy, although Tomato Seed, a very spicy hot Chile Seed and Cherry Seed are also worthy of keeping on your kitchen table.  Stoger Pure Seed Oils are the perfect way to add color, excitement and complementary flavors to your menu offerings. With just a drizzle of Stoger  Seed Oil, even the ordinary becomes something special.

Stoger Pure Seed Oils – Gotta Love It!


With candy corn and other Halloween treats already being stocked at local supermarkets, it’s not too early to get your family ready for fall entertaining and upcoming Halloween party planning.

Better Homes & Gardens has recently released a fabulous guidebook, “Best of Halloween Tricks & Treats” ( which contains hundreds of fun and creative ideas that families can pursue together. Topics covered include everything from swell homemade costumes to elaborate pumpkin carving instructions, outdoor decorations and even a party buffet featuring an RIP coffin as the serving centerpiece. Plenty of artwork included which can be copied onto the appropriate paper stock, along with great resource information for buying materials featured in the various chapters, including a medical supply source for life-sized skeletons!

Better Homes & Gardens “Best of Halloween Tricks & Treats” – Gotta Love It



If you love the taste and aroma of soft pretzels, you will love the new Pretzel Dogs being offered at Sonic Drive-Ins ( They are the perfect combination of two great snack favorites — hot dogs and pretzels.

A hearty 100% pure beef hot dog is nestled inside your choice of an original pretzel bun and seasoned with mustard or upgrade to the Cheesy Bacon Pretzel Dog for even more intense flavor. Nicely packaged in an All-American red, white and blue cardboard sleeve, with aluminum foil heat bag to keep your items hot until you reach your travel destination. The new Pretzel Dog offerings pair perfectly with Sonic’s authentic ice cream shakes for an easy and affordable impromptu picnic during the final weeks of the summer season.

Sonic’s New Pretzel Dogs – Gotta Love It!


If there is one ingredient we always keep on hand because of its versatility to  whip up anything from a Sunday brunch entree to a quick but satisfying meal, it’s eggs! And now Nellie’s Cage Free Eggs ( gives everyone even more reason to love the versatile egg because each beautiful brown Nellie’s cage free egg contains 200 mg of Omega 3 and absolutely no antibiotic or hormones since these happy chicks “roam where we please” and are fed a diet including natural vegetarian grain.

Nellie’s aren’t like most supermarket eggs with thin shells, watery whites and pale yolks – Break open a Nellie’s large brown egg and the yolk looks like the color of a morning sunrise and the taste is simply delicious. Great for hard boiling as a healthy snack, for using in breakfast and brunch omelettes or for creating a delicious frittata or spinach-rocotta cheese pie!  We also love the clear packaging that uses recycled water bottles and which is as transparent as Nellie’s promise that you are going to love these cage-free eggs, produced under humane conditions at 40 small family farms throughout the Northeastern U.S.

Nellie’s Cage-Free Large Brown Eggs – Gotta Love It!