If there is one ingredient we always keep on hand because of its versatility to  whip up anything from a Sunday brunch entree to a quick but satisfying meal, it’s eggs! And now Nellie’s Cage Free Eggs ( gives everyone even more reason to love the versatile egg because each beautiful brown Nellie’s cage free egg contains 200 mg of Omega 3 and absolutely no antibiotic or hormones since these happy chicks “roam where we please” and are fed a diet including natural vegetarian grain.

Nellie’s aren’t like most supermarket eggs with thin shells, watery whites and pale yolks – Break open a Nellie’s large brown egg and the yolk looks like the color of a morning sunrise and the taste is simply delicious. Great for hard boiling as a healthy snack, for using in breakfast and brunch omelettes or for creating a delicious frittata or spinach-rocotta cheese pie!  We also love the clear packaging that uses recycled water bottles and which is as transparent as Nellie’s promise that you are going to love these cage-free eggs, produced under humane conditions at 40 small family farms throughout the Northeastern U.S.

Nellie’s Cage-Free Large Brown Eggs – Gotta Love It!