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leafy greens

Another great food reference book has crossed our desk, the very informative and well researched “Complete Leafy Greens Cookbook” by Susan Sampson (

There are well rounded, interesting profiles on more than 60 different fresh produce items included under the “leafy greens” umbrella, along with selection, storage, nutritional information and serving suggestions. In addition to the more commonly known leafy greens such as bok choy, napa cabbage and collard greens, this wonderful directly also introduces the reader to more exotic choices such as nettles, scapes, yo choy sum and Houttynia.

The Complete Leafy Greens Cookbook by Susan Sampson – Gotta Love It!



fondue bible

As the temperatures this season get a lot colder and crisper, it’s time to start scheduling a few impromptu parties so you can catch up with family members and friends. Ilana Simon offers a great guide to entertaining with her new release “The Fondue Bible” ( , reviving the fondue method of  cooking that first gained popularity in the US in the 1970s.

In addition to cheese and broth-based fondues, “The Fondue Bible” offers 200 of the best ways to share a meal prepared using fondue, including oil fried meats and veggies and the ever-popular chocolate fondue pot. If you’ve been searching for a way to increase the conversation in your life, throwing a fondue party, guided by the tips and tricks you’ll learn in “The Fondue Bible”! is the perfect solution.

“The Fondue Bible” by Ilana Simon – Gotta Love It!

kit wohl

Author/photographer Kit Wohl’s latest homage to the exciting city and culture that is New Orelans, “New Orleans Classic Celebrations” (  is just as luscious as her Classic Cocktails book (  Her  photography which illustrates a wide array of recipes from some of New Orleans fabulous eateries is equally as mouth-watering.  Recipes range from soups, salads, meat pies and stuffed mushrooms  to such time-honored traditions as seafood gumbo and turducken.  Why not let the good times roll this holiday season and get some menu and party theme inspiration from some of the most talented chefs in the business and treat yourself to Wohl’s Celebrations Cookbook?

New Orleans Classic Celebrations: Recipes from Favorite Restaurants by Kit Wohl – Gotta Love It!

classic candy

It’s not too early to consider what you will be including in your Trick Or Treat cornucopia this Halloween season. If you really want to wow all of your ghosts and goblins, consider making your own candy, guided by Abigail Gehring’s wonderful “Classic  Candy” cookbook (

Most of the goodies included in this easy to follow cookbook require no more than four ingredients. Enjoy more than 60 recipes for everything from homemade candy corn and cinnamon hard candies to fudge, pecan toffee and melt-in-your-mouth salted caramels.

Classic Candy by Abigail R. Gehring – Gotta Love It!


If your kids love the taste of the milk left at the bottom of their cereal bowls each morning, they will love Cow Wow Cereal Milk ( as a brown bag lunch treat or after school snack.

Cow Wow Cereal Milk comes in four fantastic flavors with kid-appeal, including Chocolate Chip Cathy and Fruity Trudy. We love the funny and endearing cartoon cow that appears on each individual-sized package containing organic lowfat milk with 12 g protein. Enjoy this sweetened milk right from the carton, room temperature or chilled.  Cow Wow is a great snack option now that school is in full swing.

Cow Wow Cereal Milk – Gotta Love It!



Caliche Puerto Rican Rum (  is a versatile mixer to keep handy in your liquor cabinet as summer transitions into autumn.  Caliche is a blend of four aged rums and works equally well as a beverage on its own as it does as a mixer to create festive cocktails. This rum will easily carry you into the busy holiday entertaining season.

Caliche offers  rich and rewarding flavor when enjoyed on the rocks as a sipping rum , whether relaxing indoors in your library or outdoors on the patio savoring the last warm days of summer. But the delicate notes of pure vanilla and caramel in Caliche Puerto Rican Rum also make it the perfect white rum to use in blended drinks, everything from Pina Coladas and minty Mojitos to traditional rum and coke, rum screwdrivers and party punches.  We love that Caliche adds nice subtle flavors to cocktails without overpowering the other ingredients. And its handsome bottle is something you can proudly display when entertaining.

Caliche Puerto Rican Rum – Gotta Love It!








Give yourself the gift of good health this fall by learning how incorporating green juices into your daily diet can help to prevent colds and flu, help you lose weight in addition to speeding up your metabolism to burn excess fat and detoxify your body. Elizabeth Swann has packed a lot of valuable information as well as easy to prepare recipes in her New Green Juicing Diet book,

There is no need to rely on expensive medications with potentially harmful side effects when Swann gives you a wonderful roadmap in this book to using the bounty provided by Mother Nature instead to remain energized, slim and healthy.  Great information about what type of juicer you should invest in, but most of the recipes can be prepared using a simple blender!  The selection at fall farmer’s markets is great, so discover the adventure of green juicing to feel and look better.

“The New Green Juicing Diet” with 60+ Recipes – Gotta Love It!

mixer bible

As the days gradually get shorter and temperatures much cooler, you will want to change your cooking focus to flow with the seasons. In the weeks ahead, we’ll be making some recommendations for worthwhile additions to your cooking library.

 The new third edition of The Mixer Bible by Meredith Deeds & Carla Snyder ( offers you plenty of inspiration for making everything from sausage and pasta to loaves of multi-grain bread, skillet dinners and ice cream. Especially helpful is the photo-illustrated section on how use all of your stand up mixer attachments.

The Mixer Bible (Third Edition) – Gotta Love It!