Caliche Puerto Rican Rum (  is a versatile mixer to keep handy in your liquor cabinet as summer transitions into autumn.  Caliche is a blend of four aged rums and works equally well as a beverage on its own as it does as a mixer to create festive cocktails. This rum will easily carry you into the busy holiday entertaining season.

Caliche offers  rich and rewarding flavor when enjoyed on the rocks as a sipping rum , whether relaxing indoors in your library or outdoors on the patio savoring the last warm days of summer. But the delicate notes of pure vanilla and caramel in Caliche Puerto Rican Rum also make it the perfect white rum to use in blended drinks, everything from Pina Coladas and minty Mojitos to traditional rum and coke, rum screwdrivers and party punches.  We love that Caliche adds nice subtle flavors to cocktails without overpowering the other ingredients. And its handsome bottle is something you can proudly display when entertaining.

Caliche Puerto Rican Rum – Gotta Love It!