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Sending all of our wonderful and loyal readers best wishes that Santa brings you a sleigh full of everything you want and need the most!

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Now that winter has officially arrived, you want to be prepared for freezing temperatures, snowy days and nights in front of the fireplace. Get yourself an alibi, for the holiday season and beyond, in the form of a delicious libation recently launched by Panache Beverages ( .

Alibi American Whiskey is a corn-based whiskey with elements of rye and malted barley, aged in American oak casks, then distilled in Indiana prior to the blending and bottling process in Florida. We found it to be the perfect blending whiskey for using in  holiday cocktails served steaming hot!. Creating a Hot Buttered Alibi Whiskey is as easy as blending 2 ounces of this bold liquor with brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves,nutmeg and butter, adding boiling water and stirring with a cinnamon stick. Use star anise as the finishing  touch for a nice seasonal garnish.  The beautifully appointed bottle is also a lovely decorative addition to your holiday bar! And priced at under $25 per bottle, Alibi makes a great stocking stuffer.

Alibi American Whiskey from Panache Beverages – Gotta Love It!


If you are still wondering what sugarplums to serve on your dessert buffet for Christmas, there are two great cookbooks from Harvard Common Press ( to offer you some very creative and sweet inspiration.

Cake Balls by Dede Wilson is a beautifully illustrated book that gives you more than five dozen different ways to craft dessert out of a basic cake recipe, a binder and a coating. Desserts in Jars: 50 Sweet Treats That Shine by Shaina Olmanson offers colorful ways to use those old jam and jelly jars as new dessert containers, and there is a great section at the end of the book that provides easy to create dry mixes to give in jars as gifts.

Desserts in Jars and Cake Balls – Gotta Love It!



The Harvard Common Press has recently premiered the 10th Anniversary edition of its wonderful “Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook”, along with a new entry, “The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook”, two stellar examples of why cookbooks make the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer.

Cookbooks enlarge your culinary horizon, appeal to your creativity, allow you reach beyond your current kitchen expertise and learn new skills and how to cook with unfamiliar ingredients and equipment. There is still time to order from the wide array of cookbooks featured at to reach your stockings by Christmas.  Cookbooks are colorful, affordable and meant to be enjoyed and shared, making them the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer.

Harvard Common Press Cookbooks – Gotta Love It!



Here’s a very clever gift suggestion for those on your “naughty” list this year – a Christmas stocking filled with “coal” that is actually black cherry popcorn!

You can even get free shipping if you order the “You’ve Been Naughty Coal Filled Stocking” now from It’s an affordable sweet treat guaranteed to get a lot of laughs during the holiday season. And the less than $10.00 price tag makes it affordable to send to several gift recipients.

The “You’ve Been Naughty Coal Filled Stocking” from – Gotta Love It!


There’s a new product that makes it easy to keep your favorite cooking oil handy and be kind to the environment, too. The new EVO Oil sprayer ( is an aerosol free way to have extra virgin olive oil, peanut oil, vegetable oil or nut oils handy in the kitchen.

This refillable and reusable bottle comes with its own funnel for easy filling along with an assortment of neckband labels so you know exactly which oil is in the container. Convenient to use to grease pans before baking, spray onto poultry before grilling and for adding just the right amount of cooking oil for breakfast eggs and sauteed foods. The storage bottle is also BPA free and dishwasher safe. EVO makes a great stocking stuffer for the home chef on your gift list this season.

EVO Oil Sprayer – Gotta Love It!


For anyone on your Christmas gift list who loves electronic devices, XBOOM/Los Angeles, the Original Mini Boombox is a great stocking stuffer. This compact portable speaker system delivers high quality sound for any portable electronic device, yet takes up only about 4 square inches of space. Available through Amazon and E-bay online in time for holiday stocking stuffing!

You don’t have to worry about batteries running down because this mini boombox unit is rechargeable through your computer and comes in a rainbow of  swell pastel colors as well as basic black. Grab one for yourself when you are gift shopping, because the XBOOM enables you to have high quality sound wherever you are travelling. Now we don’t have to listen to our portable CD player through earphones!  The XBOOMt even comes in its very own cloth pouch for easy carrying when on the go.

The XBOOM/ Los Angeles Original Mini Boombox – Gotta Love It!



The flavor of mint is synonymous with winter’s cold blast and is a favorite for use on holiday menus. Sonic Drive-Ins ( are keeping pace with the festivity of this holiday season by offering several limited time Holiday Mint Desserts.

Stop by soon to enjoy a creamy and delicious whipped cream topped Chocolate Holiday Mint (our favorite) or Vanilla Holiday Mint Shake, complete with red and green sprinkles. The Chocolate Holiday Mint Molten Cake Sundae is large enough to share with two or three others and is a fantastic combination of rich minty chocolate cake combined with velvety smooth ice cream and plenty of luscious real whipped cream as the finishing touch. But like winter’s ice and snow, these new holiday desserts at Sonic will soon melt away, so don’t miss out on trying one of these merry new dessert additions. Easy to transports home, too, for less fuss on your dessert buffet.

Sonic’s Limited Time Holiday Mint Desserts – Gotta Love It!


You may not be able to wave a magic wand this holiday season and cure all of the ills that beset your cherished family members and friends. But you can do the next best thing to help them live a healthier life by gifting them with a cookbook that focusing on healthy dining and nutrition. Diabetic Living’s “The Ultimate Diabetes Cookbook” published by Better Homes & Gardens ( is a great example of a beautifully illustrated cookbook that can help anyone suffering from diabetes enjoy mealtime more and improve their health as a bonus.

Robert Rose Publishers out of Canada ( also has introduced quite a series of great cookbooks this year that deal with healing health issues using food. These include “The Complete Migraine Health, Diet Guide and Cookbook”, “The Eczema Diet” and “Raw, Quick and Delicious.”

Cookbooks that focus on healthy dining – Gotta Love It!