For anyone on your Christmas gift list who loves electronic devices, XBOOM/Los Angeles, the Original Mini Boombox is a great stocking stuffer. This compact portable speaker system delivers high quality sound for any portable electronic device, yet takes up only about 4 square inches of space. Available through Amazon and E-bay online in time for holiday stocking stuffing!

You don’t have to worry about batteries running down because this mini boombox unit is rechargeable through your computer and comes in a rainbow of  swell pastel colors as well as basic black. Grab one for yourself when you are gift shopping, because the XBOOM enables you to have high quality sound wherever you are travelling. Now we don’t have to listen to our portable CD player through earphones!  The XBOOMt even comes in its very own cloth pouch for easy carrying when on the go.

The XBOOM/ Los Angeles Original Mini Boombox – Gotta Love It!