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Few things feel worse than a stuffed up sore nose as autumn transitions to winter. And it’s especially hurtful to watch our kids suffer the side effects of winter colds, including congested nasal passages and dry, tender skin.

Boogie Mist and Boogie Wipes ( to the rescue! Keep both of these handy throughout the winter season. The Mist provides a gentle spray of saline solution directly into clogged noses to sooth dry nasal passages and the delicate grape fragrance we tried makes the process fun. The process is similar to using a neti pot but much less messy with a refreshing fruit fragrance as a bonus!  Boogie Wipes, likewise, are easy to stash in pocket or purse for blowing noses without irritating already Rudolph red noses. They come unscented or in hard to resist Boogieberry!

Boogie Mist and Boogie Wipes – Gotta Love It!



Don’t wait until after the holidays to address the weight issues you are facing now, especially that expanding waistline. Start cooking with recipes provided by the Flat Belly Cookbook for Dummies right now ( and you’ll be on your way to losing that unattractive spare tire by the time your are toasting the New Year!

This latest Dummies guidebook features both practical advice as well as loads of encouragement to stay on track as you savor such delicious dishes as Buffalo Chicken Sliders with Blue Cheese Dip, Breakfast Burrito Bowl and Mushroom Flatbread and Arugula Salad, one of numerous recipes designed to burn up that annoying belly fat. Learn how to keep a Flat Belly Kitchen, tips and tricks to choose belly friendly foods, and how small easy choices you can make every day can make weight loss actually pleasant!

The Flat Belly Cookbook for Dummies – Gotta Love It!