Salt seems to sneak into every part of our diet, especially if our daily menus are filled with processed foods. Marla Heller’s “Everyday DASH Diet Cookbook” (  offers more than 150 great ways to dine with no or low salt, with the bonus of speeding up your metabolism to lose weight, lowering your blood pressure and preventing such disorders as diabetes.

The acronym DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Heller gives great suggestions for reorganizing your pantry and kitchen supplies  in order to produce a wide range of meals that are healthy, delicious and flavorful without being high in fat or sodium. She has reinvented many recipe favorites, including macaroni and cheese, chili and paella, so that their ingredients capitalize on herbs and spices as seasonings and farm fresh fruits and vegetables as the key components.

The Everyday DASH Diet Cookbook by Marla Heller – Gotta Love It!