Ellen Gustafson (www.foodtank.org) wants to create a food system revolution in this country, one person at a time.

Her thought provoking new book, “We the Eaters” (http://ellengustafson.com/) invites you to consider just how the food system globally has changed in the past 30 years, and unfortunately, not for the better and certainly not for the best when it comes to health and wellness. Processed foods and sugary soft drinks are among just some of the issues contributing to high health costs and more illness. But there is hope, even if you choose to do just one or two of the 30 recommended actions listed at the end of this amazing case study advocating revolutionary change in how we eat, how we grow and market our food supplies, and how drastically we are willing to change what we put on our dinner plates.

We the Eaters – Gotta Love It!