Open up a bottle of Chana Masala spice blend , close your eyes and breath deeply. The distinctly fresh and heady aroma will make you feel as though you’ve been transported  to an exotic spice market where only the finest ingredients are sold to help make your home-cooked dishes more delicious and exciting.

The Chana Masala blend from Indian As Apple Pie ( features dried pomegranate seeds as a key ingredient for adding just the right hint of sour flavor to meat, chicken or fish. Coriander, cloves, black mustard and cinnamon are among the other flavorful ingredients which make Chana Masala a gourmet’s delight.  We recently marinated some chicken in this wonderfully spicy blend prior to cooking and were delighted with the results, getting raves from all around the table! Indian As Apple Pie offers more than a dozen fresh spice concoctions guaranteed to help make your dishes more exotic and exciting this fall, as well as year-round.

Chana Masala from Indian As Apple Pie – Gotta Love It!