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If you are one of the many people dining without salt on your table, your food can still enjoy an out of this world kick. Outer Spice ( offers an array of no salt and low salt seasoning blends to replace that old salt shaker on today’s tables.

The Original No Salt Outer Spice shaker is an amazing blend of 15 proprietary herbs and spices that add a wonderful aroma as well as taste to your food, everything from salads and salad dressings to morning eggs and omelettes and broiled chicken and seafood. Simply shake out the desired amount. Outer Spice Spicy features a smidgeon of Himalayan Sea Salt, along with 15 herbs and spices and is sure to become a staple in your kitchen as well as your dining room. Outer Spice also makes an Original Low Salt version as well as a Spicy No Salt blend.  Any or all of these four makes a great holiday stocking stuffer for the chef or foodie on your gift list.

Outer Spice – Gotta Love It!


It’s little wonder that cheesecake ranks among the most favorite dessert offerings, certainly one that is worthy of including on your holiday buffets. Just one bite of the rich and creamy texture is enough to get you hooked!

George Geary’s new cookbook, “The Cheesecake Bible” (, offers you 200 different ways to prepare cheesecake, including an array of savory cheesecakes such as a Blue Cheese Pistachio Cheesecake and a Herbed Gorgonzola Cheesecake that are perfect as tasty party appetizers. Even if you’ve never attempted to bake your own cheesecake, Geary offers plenty of sound advice and tips for success that will have you baking like a cheesecake champ in no time.

The Cheesecake Bible by George Geary – Gotta Love It!

chocolate stout

New Belgium Brewers (  offers you the perfect dark and rich bewitching beverage to serve at your Halloween party this season – their Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout, part of their Lips of Faith series,  proudly brewed with here in the USA.

This rich and satisfying stout makes a delicious dessert brew, with a pleasant chocolate aroma and taste that doesn’t overpower the other complex blend of flavors. And its dark color makes it the perfect pour to accompany Halloween menus.

New Belgium Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout – Gotta Love It!


If there is a new or expectant mom on your holiday gift list this year — Milk Charms from Eepples ( will provide her with a colorful and most welcome gift.

Milk Charms are colorful double-sided tags designed to track the freshness of pumped breast milk. It’s easy to hang from any bottle to record the time and day and works just as easily for baby food and formula containers. This made in the USA product is dishwasher-safe and the bright floral design will make mom feel a bit less tired and a lot more happy that she has one less thing to worry about, even on her most sleep-deprived day!

Milk Charms from Eepples – Gotta Love It!


Artisan foods produced right here in the USA make great holiday stocking stuffers. One such product is Punch Drunk Chocolate Super Ghost Hot Sauce, a collaborative effort between Victory Brewing Company and Homesweet Homegrown based in Kutztown, PA (

Punch Drunk offers hot sauce lovers more than just a super kick, this is a real five-alarm fire affair. Use sparingly, and have a glass of milk at the ready if you mistakenly pour out a bit too much. Pennsylvania grown ghost peppers, raw cacao, Victory Brewing Company’s Storm King Stout and garlic are just some of the special ingredients that make this hot sauce so unique and give it its arresting aroma and heat. Check out their website for two other hearty hot sauce flavors, Orange Crush and Aramingo.

Punch Drunk Hot Sauce – Gotta Love It!


If life in the 21st century seems to be confusing, challenging and sometimes downright frustrating, David Dunn has created a wonderful guidebook that can serve as a welcome instruction manual.

In Get Life Right (, Dunn offers the reader an array of topics ranging from relationships, friendship, creativity and financial stabilitym all broken down into material that can be read within a 10 minute time span. You can start enjoying Dunn’s advice and wisdom by turning to any page in the book.  And the questions he asks at the end of each topic covered can inspire you to enjoy turning the page into a new chapter in your life or finally making that life change you’ve been resisting.

Get Life Right by David Dunn – Gotta Love It!


Forget the sliced bread for sandwiches on your Halloween buffet spread and use an assortment of Flatout Flatbread instead ( Not only can you fashion more creative sandwiches out of this soft and pliable flatbread, you can also create some pretty terrific “Spooktacular” snacks, including Pumpkin-Faced Pizza, Halloweenie Bugs in a Blanket, and Spooky Snakebites (


We were amazed at how pliable and versatile the more than a dozen different varieties of  Flatout Flatbread and Artisan Pizza Crust are. The Rosemary-Olive Oil Fold-its, and the Spicy Italian Thin Crust Flatbreads are among our favorites. Even when using refrigerator leftovers, you’ll be pleased at how quickly you can create something delicious for a snack, luncheon or quick supper.

Flatout Flatbreads – Gotta Love It!

beef jerky2

We’ve stopped putting Beef Jerky on our shopping list because the quality has gone down in recent years and you risk dislodging a filing or two on the hard, chewy stuff that passes for jerky these days! But we recently came across a quality beef jerky by the unlikely name of Righteous Felon Victorious B.I.G. ( which is made using a non-alcoholic liquid from Victory Brewing Company called Victory Wort.

This special ingredient has a lot to do with the outstanding flavor that Righteous Felon Jerky delivers. It’s nicely seasoned and spicy without being too hot, and has enough pliability and softness to satisfying your craving for a chewy snack. Just a small piece goes a long way in terms of taste and flavor!  Victorious B.I.G. makes a great stocking stuffer for the jerky lovers on your gift list this year.

Righteous Felon Victgorious B.I.G. Beef Jerky – Gotta Love It!

alice apples

We will be premiering a second exciting blog later this month called “The Sensual Gourmet”, through the new, easy to use app called Tidbitts. We will continue to do book and product reviews through our popular “Gotta Love It” blog, but “The Sensual Gourmet” will offer you totally different information,  expanded content about the best food and beverage choices to make to live a sensual lifestyle and enjoy Valentine’s Day in your kitchen and your bedroom 365 days a year!

Check it out and sign up to enjoy the first 30 days free at

“The Sensual Gourmet” – Gotta Love It!

9781118399576 cover.indd

If you are stumped as to selecting just the right gift to bestow on family members and friends this holiday season, there’s the right book waiting for you at The Dummies guidebook franchise now offers more than 15 different categories that enable you to receive thousands of dollars worth of an education from an expert in the field all for the cost of one information jammed-packed volume.

We recently came across three Dummies guides from Wiley Publishers that are perfect for Christmas gift giving for foodies: Pairing Food & Wine for Dummies, authored by Canadian Master Sommelier John Szabo; Green Smoothies for Dummies, written by raw food and health coach Jennifer Thompson; and Cooking with Chia for Dummies, co-written by Barrie Rogers and Debbie Dooly (

Dummies Guidebooks for Making Everything Easier – Gotta Love It!