beef jerky2

We’ve stopped putting Beef Jerky on our shopping list because the quality has gone down in recent years and you risk dislodging a filing or two on the hard, chewy stuff that passes for jerky these days! But we recently came across a quality beef jerky by the unlikely name of Righteous Felon Victorious B.I.G. ( which is made using a non-alcoholic liquid from Victory Brewing Company called Victory Wort.

This special ingredient has a lot to do with the outstanding flavor that Righteous Felon Jerky delivers. It’s nicely seasoned and spicy without being too hot, and has enough pliability and softness to satisfying your craving for a chewy snack. Just a small piece goes a long way in terms of taste and flavor!  Victorious B.I.G. makes a great stocking stuffer for the jerky lovers on your gift list this year.

Righteous Felon Victgorious B.I.G. Beef Jerky – Gotta Love It!