Digital Music Service Rdio makes it possible for you to give the gift of music to a family member or friend for less than $10 a month, providing unlimited ad-free web and mobile streaming.


Rdio (www.rdio.com)  allows you to enjoy your favorite songs and artists anytime and anywhere, on any device, online or off.  Rdio offers an amazing 30 million songs to choose from, including private sessions, bonus tracks, remixes and curated playlists. We were delighted to search for one of the more obscure Neil Diamond songs, The Last Picasso, and were able to enjoy listening  within seconds! Rdio subscriptions start at $9.99, with a new $14.99 family plan. We can’t imagine a day without music and Rdio has the unique ability to bring you all of your favorites.

Rdio – Gotta Love It!