Every dog deserves to have a smile on its face. And if you want to keep that smile there, stuff your pup’s Christmas stocking this year with a variety of “Look Who’s Happy” treats produced right here in the USA by Big Creek Foods in ¬†Gainesville, GA (

To give you some idea of how delicious Look Who’s Happy Treats are, we had to call in a special team of reviewers, our three dogs. They came back not only for seconds, but also for thirds when we treated them to some Chicken with Carrot Recipe Tempt’n Tenders. No wonder, since the ingredients are high quality protein, cage-free poultry, and garden-raised fruits and veggies, with a fresh aroma and easy to chew consistency. In addition to Tempt’n Tenders, Look Who’s Happy also comes in Happy Wraps and Fetch’n Fillets varieties for a total of 12 different recipes to choose from. You can find a local retailer in your area who carries Look Who’s Happy by plugging in your zip code on their website.

Look Who’s Happy Natural Dog Treats – Gotta Love It!