If you are still looking for a great Christmas Stocking Stuffer and love helping dogs, in our opinion the most loyal of creatures, check out the wonderful 2015 Pilots N Paws Calendar (http://www.pilotsnpaws.org/2014/10/pre-order-your-pilots-n-paws-calendar/).

It’s available for a modest $15 donation and helps those wonderful Pilots N Paws (www.pilotsnpaws.org) volunteers who shuttle shelter dogs who might otherwise be euthanized in crowded shelters to other parts of the country using their own private planes in order to find their forever family. This walls calendar serves as a lovely reminder that there are people and dogs who deserve our admiration for the way they make everyone’s life a little better and brighter!

The Pilots N Paws 2015 Calendar – Gotta Love It!