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When you gotta go, you just gotta go, despite the condition of the restroom that may be closest at hand.

The Pee Pocket (  is an ingenious little device for women that allows you to remain standing while urinating so you never have to come into contact with questionable toilet seats. It’s also a handy little device to keep in your backpack while hiking or to keep in the car while traveling and the sanitation of roadside rest stops proves less than desireable. After use, there’s a hygienic tissue included in each packet and a bag for disposing of the used pocket and wipe. Makes a great stocking stuffer for any woman who enjoys camping, the great outdoors or who travels extensively.

The Pee Pocket for Women – Gotta Love It!


Anyone who chooses swimming as their favorite form of exercise or recreation loves any pool with sparkling clean water, but doesn’t like to carry the aroma of the chlorine that makes that clarity possible,  onto their hair and skin when their laps are done.

Swim Spray ( is the easy solution to avoid smelling like swimming pool chemicals, a 100% natural (only Vitamin C and water) fragrance-free spray you can apply to your hair and skin . The 4-ounce bottle easily fits into your gym locker or gym bag. It’s easy to apply, non-irritating, and makes a great Christmas stocking stuffer!

Swim Spray – Gotta Love It!


It’s not too early to resolve to enjoy the best health of your life in 2015.

The Essential Guide to Home Herbal Remedies by Melanie Wenzel ( is a wonderful place to start. Whether you are feeling run down, have a sore throat or need to quiet a cough, one of Wenzel’s all-natural remedies using ingredients you can find at the grocery store, provides an inexpensive solution that is cheaper than a doctor’s visit! In addition to easy to follow recipes, Home Herbal Remedies also contains an A-to-Z directory in the second half of the book describing  some of the world’s best herbal ingredients to keep on hand for concocting inexpensive remedies right in your own kitchen.

The Essential Guide to Home Herbal Remedies by Melanie Wenzel – Gotta Love It!


There’s good news this holiday season with the announcement that DAVIDs TEA (, the premiere retailer of loose leaf teas, has opened its first Philadelphia area store at the King of Prussia Mall. David Segal founded this Canadian-based retail chain for those who love fine quality signature blended teas that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

We had the good fortune to recently sample their Winter Collection of sweet and spicy tea formulas, including Apple Custard, Cocomint Cream, Vanilla Chai, Sugar Plum Forest and Bubbie’s Baklava, made all the more delicious by brewing the different blends in DAVIDsTEA unique Nordic Tea Mug infuser. What a civilized and delicious pleasure! And even better news, if you can’t make it into the new Philadeolphia area store, is your ability to order their magical brews for family and friends online. There’s never a better time than the present to get cozy with a warm and comforting cup of DAVIDsTEA!

DAVIDsTEA – Gotta Love It!

newbelgiumnew belgium

It’s that time of year when you want your bar to be as fully stocked as possible for guests who might stop by spontaneously to celebrate the holidays. If you want to be a good host while entertaining in your own home, keep a good supply of New Belgium Accumulation seasonal beer on hand, along with New Belgium Frambozen ( And if you want to be a welcome guest while visiting others, bring along a six-pack of these delicious New Belgium Brewing Company selections.

Accumulation is a White India Pale Ale that is hearty, satisfying and a great beverage to accompany soft pretzels and other salty snacks. New Belgium Frambozen is a Rasberry Brown Ale with a gorgeous color and the enticing aroma of fresh raspberries greeting your nose as soon as you raise your glass. Both of these New Belgium seasonal winter selections are worthy additions to your beverage offerings throughout the holiday season when you want to enjoy a heartier tasting, full-bodied beer that goes great with a wide assortment of party foods.

New Belgium Brewing Company Seasonal Winter Beers – Gotta Love It!


If there is anyone who doesn’t enjoy the addition of chocolate to any Holiday buffet spread, we have yet to meet them. And if there is anything better than chocolate, perhaps its the addition of chocolate chips, created from one of the “125 Best Chocolate Chip Recipes” Cookbook authored by Julie Hasson (

This wonderful book goes way beyond the traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie and inspires chefs to incorporate chocolate chips into everything from breakfast biscuits and scones to brownies, blondies, puddings, muffins and even sorbet. And if you’re a fan of hot or cold chocolate beverages, you’ll love Hasson’s section on chocolate chip inspired drinks.

“125 Best Chocolate Chip Recipes” by Julie Hasson – Gotta Love It!


Pets add so much joy to our lives, especially our faithful canine companions. So don’t overlook your dogs when it comes to filling their Christmas stockings this year with something delicious and nutritious.

Fruitables ( are a limited holiday edition dog treat in the shape of snowflakes made right here in the USA using fresh snowflakes from the Rocky Mountains. These bite-size treats have a pleasant vanilla aroma and got five-stars of approval from the doggies who live at our house. Each 7 ounce pouch contains 300 edible snowflakes and are the perfect pet stocking stuffer this season.

Holiday Edition Fruitables in Vanilla Snowflake Flavor – Gotta Love It!


A gift that you’ve made yourself is all the more special, and Mar Gomez’ wonderful book, “The Best Natural Homemade Soaps” offers you plenty of inspiration for how to create your own bars of moisturizing olive-oil based soaps to give as Christmas gifts.

This beautifully illustrated guidebook from Robert Rose Publishing ( not only offers detailed instructions for creating 40 different soap varieties, it also gives you background about the key ingredients used and their health benefits for the skin, such as sandlewood, carrots, roses, marigolds and even chocolate. The book itself also makes  a great stocking stuffer for the artistan on your gift list.

The Best Natural Homemade Soaps by Mar Gomez – Gotta Love It!


One of the most important gifts you can give any young girl on your gift list this holiday season is the ability to develop a solid sense of self-esteem.

Elements for Girls: A Fun & Engaging Self-Discovery Project by Mary Ellen Young & Sandra McDonnell is a wonderful book with an attrached crafting kit that guides the reader in making a bracelet. Every bead added to the bracelet represents an essential element in every girl’s development of character, with each section of the book inspiring the reader with empowering knowledge on a variety of topics. We think this amazing book would work equally well with women of all ages who may not have received the support and guidance they needed when growing up and could use a refresher course in learning how to manage stress, really like themselves and make the best choices to enjoy self-fulfilled lives. Check it out at

Elements for Girls by Mary Ellen Young & Sandra McDonnell – Gotta Love It!