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Whether you plan on rooting for the Patriots or the Seahawks this Sunday, make sure you have plenty of satisfying beverages on hand for your party guests. New Belgium Brewing Company, based in Fort Collins, CO ( offers you a wide selection of delicious artisan-made brews that are perfect for Super Bowl celebrations. Not only is each bottle filled with a high-quality product, their creative labels are attractive, colorful and inviting.

The newly released New Belgium Portage Porter is a dark and smoky selection for those who prefer a very full-bodied beer. It’s a great alternative to hot chocolate or coffee since it offers you the taste and aroma of both in the same glass of porter. And their new  Slow Ride Session IPA is very hoppy with distinctive citrus undertones, a great beer for the winter months to accompany snacks ranging from sausage and cheeses to salted nuts.

New Belgium Portage Porter and Slow Ride Session IPA   – Gotta Love It!


We’re always sorry to see that the emphasis on Valentine’s Day is on romance and lovers, because we like to treat it as a day that’s perfect for spreading the love around to every good heart that deserves a Valentine.

That’s why we’re pleased to suggest two Mike and Ike candy varieties available in special flavors and packaging for the Valentine’s Day holiday that make the perfect treat for family members and friends of all ages. Mike and Ike Passion Mix contains a delicious fruity mix of Paradise Punch, Strawberry, Grape and Cherry flavors, all made with real fruit juice. Mike and Ike Hot Tamales feature a “fierce cinnamon” flavor that is spicy without being burning hot. There is even a to- and-from label already on the package so you can gift them without any rewrapping.

Mike and Ike Passion Mix and Mike and Ike Hot Tamales – Gotta Love It!

drop earrings

If you are searching for something to add glamour to the life of a special lady this Valentine’s Day, look no further than the Orrous & Co. Legacy Collection of earrings (

Their 18k Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Oval Drop Earrings (4.03 carats) add a sparkling touch of glamour to any occasion and any outfit, whether dressed to the nines for an evening out or wearing jeans and a t-shirt to run errands around town. These drop earrings have plenty of sparkle, are very well made, comfortable to wear, and very easy on your budget. So go ahead and be a big spender this Valentine’s Day and put a sparkle into your favorite lady’s eyes – and some gorgeous bling on her ears!

Orrous & Co. 18K Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Oval Drop Earrings (4.03 carats) – Gotta Love It!


During a holiday shopping excursion to the wonderful Bryant Park shoppes in  New York City, we discovered a delicious way to chase away the winter blues! They make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for yourself or someone special!

Original French Truffles from No Chewing Allowed ( are designed to be savored slowly, allowed to melt in your mouth for a full two minutes at least. For chocoholics, No Chewing Allowed Truffles rank among the most sublime chocolate experiences on the planet! Spring may be weeks away and the snow and ice outside is piled high, but when you take a No Chewing Allowed Truffle break, life feels very rich and delicious indeed!

No Chewing Allowed Original French Truffles – Gotta Love It!


Chef and cookbook author Larry Sombke has been producing his own line of cooking sauces since 2009,  designed to bring the flavor of  Mexican and American Southwest cooking directly to your home table. Larry’s Southwestern Sauces ( are a great ingredient to keep in your pantry to liven up dishes from breakfast through dinner. We tried them with ground meat, eggs and chicken and the results were mouth-watering!

Available in Chipotle, Mole and Ranchero (our favorite) varieties, Larry’s Southwestern Sauces  offers a rich and complex flavor and beautiful color, comprised of only natural ingredients with no artificial ingredients, sweeteners, corn syrup or gluten. Larry’s Southwestern Sauces not only add beautiful color and intensely delicious flavor to casseroles, chili, egg dishes and traditional Mexican fare, they taste like you just whipped them up in your own kitchen rather than poured them out of a bottle. Larry’s makes a great addition to your Super Bowl enchilada/taco bar.

Larry’s Southwestern Sauces – Gotta Love It!


Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your Super Bowl Sunday snack menu, since we’re less than two weeks away now from the big event!

One of the most popular items on our annual Super Bowl football buffet has always been pistachios in-shell, a delicious and heart-healthy snack. And we’ve discovered the absolute best quality, biggest and tastiest pistachios on the planet, from  Santa Barbara Pistachio Company ( Luckily, they are available by mail order and feature several varieties (garlic is our favorite), as well as  plain roasted and salted.

Santa Barbara Pistachio Company in-shell Pistachios – Gotta Love It!


If you want to set your tastebuds on fire on National Hot Sauce Day, January 22, invest in a bottle of Tabanero Hot Sauce ( This bold and zesty condiment was born in Tabasco, Mexico and is now proudly made in the USA. It’s unique formula contains habanero peppers, agave, key lime juice and garlic for a rich and very complex flavor.

On the heat scale, this formula is not for the faint-hearted. It rates from medium to hot, according to the bottle, but we’d place it higher toward the hottest level of the hot sauce richter scale. Use it to add some spice to everything from morning scrambled eggs and Bloody Mary cocktails to seasoning your meatloaf or dinner bowl of chili. Tabanero will certainly wake up winter-weary tastebuds!

Tabanero Hot Sauce – Gotta Love It!


Bethlehem, PA-based Just Born Candy ( has brought back two of its popular retro flavors of Mike and Ike for a limited time — Cotton Candy and Root Beer Float — available for purchase online from Candy Warehouse (

These chewy and addictive candies make it easy to enjoy the taste sensation of having a cone of freshly made cotton candy or a frosty mug containing a luscious root beer float handy at a moment’s notice. We like the fact that each of these retro flavors had a crisp, authentic taste that mirrors the flavor of the actual item. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Mike and Ike or have never tried this popular brand, these limited edition retro flavors are a great reason to try this quality candy snack.

Mike and Ike in Retro Root Beer Float and Cotton Candy flavors – Gotta Love It!


If the worst of winter weather and a post-holiday slump is getting you down right about now, do yourself a favor and pre-order Randy Sutton’s inspiring new book, set for release in late February, “The Power of Legacy” (

This collection of stories about people from modest and challenging means who have made a terrific difference in the lives of others is like a breath of fresh air, amidst too many media stories that seem so popular these days, glorifying the destroyers rather than the majority of creators.Among those featured are actor Gary Sinese and his support of America’s military veterans, Make-A-Wish Foundation founder Frank Shankwitz, and disability advocate Senator Bob Dole.

The Power of Legacy by Randy Sutton – Gotta Love It!


While shopping at recently, a great online find for sweet deals on books in every category, we came across Simple Pleasures: Soothing Suggestions & Small Comforts for Living Well Year Round.

We heartily recommend this wonderful tome as a  vitamin to nourish your soul as this New Year begins and the harsh weather of the winter season tends to make us feel somber.  Some lovely and very creative thoughts, suggestions and easy to do things collected by Susannah Seton, Robert Taylor and David Greer, published by Conari Press.

Simple Pleasures – Gotta Love It!