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Even thought it may not yet feel like spring, it’s time to dust the cobwebs out of your winter pantry and shake the dust off your cookbook shelf. Simply Vegetarian Thai Cooking by Nancie McDermott ( provides wonderful inspiration to learn a new style of cuisine this spring that is high in flavor appeal, fresh veggies as well as nutritional content.

Simply Vegetarian Thai Cooking offers 125 real Thai recipes, along with tips and variation suggestions in every category of dining, from drinks, appetizers and snacks to entrees, curries, soups, salads and rice and noodle dishes. There is a good glossary included to learn Thai culinary terms, as well as a handy resource section for obtaining necessary ingredients if you don’t live in a major metropolitan market.

Simply Vegetarian Thai Cooking by Nancie McDermott – Gotta Love It!


The older we get, the more we’re convinced to be very discriminating when it comes to what we eat or drink. With the warmer days of spring just around the corner and the hot and hazy days of summer on the horizon, we suggest you invest in a bottle of premium Caliche Rum from Puerto Rico (, now celebrating its 150th anniversary.

Caliche Rum, founded in 1865 at the Hacienda Mercedita sugar plantation near Ponce, Puerto Rico on the southern coast, is aromatic, flavorful and very versatile, which makes it the perfect premium brand rum to keep on hand for spring and summer entertaining. The Cali Daiquiri pictured above is a prime example of how this light rum can be incorporated into delicious cocktails garnished with the freshest fruit of the season.  Full recipes are featured on the Caliche Rum website for more inspiration.

Caliche Rum from Puerto Rico – Gotta Love It!


Now that Spring has finally arrived, it’s time to lighten and freshen up your cocktail offerings. If you haven’t discovered Bombay Sapphire East, first introduced in 2011 by Bacardi, makers of the original Bombay Sapphire Gin, you are in for a treat (

In addition to the 10 unique botanicals usually contained within Bombay Sapphire Gin, this aromatic East version also features Thai Lemongrass and Vietnamese Black Peppercorns to add a kick of spice. Tastes refreshing served solo on the rocks, chilled and served neat, or blended with lemon juice or sparking water. Bombay Sapphire East is a very worthy addition to your liquor cabinet to celebrate the coming warmer months when a gin cocktail both soothes and refreshes.

Bombay Sapphire East – Gotta Love It!

bunny has a novel way to gift family and friends with an Easter Basket this Easter holiday – their simply scrumptuous Easter Bunny Basket Cookie Cake.

Just one glance at the colorful icing design on this gigantic chocolate chip cookie cake will make you smile. And we were delighted to discover that this confection was chock-full of chocolate chips,  with just the right balance of softness and chewiness. This is one Easter holiday treat that can be enjoyed by children of all ages, including grandparents! And what a lovely way to tell anyone you love across the miles that you are thinking of them at Easter time.

The Easter Bunny Basket Cookie Cake from – Gotta Love It!


W.W. Norton & Company releases a wonderful new cookbook in the gluten-free category next week, “Gluten-Free Flour Power” by Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot (

This is a beautifully illustrated volume that includes all the basics you need to know about delicious replacements for using all purpose flour in recipes, including recipes for classic traditional dishes as well as some welcome creative twists. The authors provide you with three easy to prepare gluten-free flour recipes that you can make ahead to have ready to create a wide range of bakery, bread/roll and dessert items, as well as gluten-free pastas, pancakes, fried chicken coating and much more. This well written cookbook is certainly a very worthy addition to your culinary library!

“Gluten-Free Flour Power” by Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot – Gotta Love It!


If some extra pounds have crept up on you this winter thanks to all those weekends snowbound indoors, Naturalico ( has the perfect solution – rediscover the joys of jumping rope.

As kids, most of us use to jump rope just for the fun of it, but now as adults, jumping rope is an activity that you can pursue no matter what the weather conditions are outside. The Naturalico Jump Rope is easy to carry with you in its own self-contained pouch, can be adjusted to fit your height, is durable, yet lightweight, won’t tangle easily, is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, and has handles that fit comfortably inside the palm of your hands.

Naturalico Jump Rope – Gotta Love It!