Whole foods are the best way to enjoy nutrient-dense meals and now Activz ( offers you an easy and convenient way to make any meal more nutritious using thier whole-food powders.

Especially in these busy times when individuals don’t always make the time to clean greens for a salad, slice and dice fresh berries or bake a sweet potato, Activz organic and non-GMO powders are simple and easy to add to juices and protein shakes to make them more delicous and nutritious. The Frosty Raspberry Lemonade recipe we tried from the Activz “The Simple Scoop” recipe book, using a packet of Activz raspberry powder, was very refreshing and quick to create, and a much better alternative than reaching for a can of sugary soft drink! Activz whole-food powders come in a wide range of fruits and vegetables, including Beet, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Spinach and Sweet Potato.

Activz Whole Food Powders — Gotta Love It!