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The good folks at have alerted us about the eight most haunted apartment buildings in the Big Apple, perfect timing if you are planning an October visit, with Halloween just around the corner.

Pictured above is the historic Dakota Apartment, located at Central Park West and 72nd Streets, where Yoko Ono has seen the spirit of John Lennon deep in concentration at the piano.  Other locations worth scouting out for ghostly activity include 14 10th Avenue, nicknamed the House of Death; The Octagon, a former NYC Lunatic Asylum; and 320 Washington Avenue, a former house of ill repute. Check out the story at – Gotta Love It!


In the 1970s, the musical group “The Patridge Family” encouraged everyone to “C’mon, Get Happy”. In the 21st century, Neurogenesis is helping everyone to feel happy with their award-winning product, Get Happy Water. (, a naturally alkaline lithia water containing other beneficial minerals.


Autumn weather can be very dehydrating to the system, but with Happy Water bottles or their 5L Happy Water Box to dispense this naturally alkaline lithia water, it’s easy to stay hydrated as well as healthy. What makes Happy Water so special is that it contains a proprietary blend of British Columbian spring water from two natural resources, along with such beneficial minerals and electrolites as lithium, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. It features a pH level of 7.4, ideal for helping keep the body in an alkaline state to help ward off disease. Happy Water has a very refreshing taste and is easy to store in the fridge in either dispenser box or bottle format.

Neurogenesis Happy Water – Gotta Love It!


Just out this week is Tom Alphin’s fascinating new book, “The LEGO Architect”, published by No Starch Press, Inc. in San Francisco (

This book is a guide to becoming a LEGO Architect, showcasing some of history’s most famous buildings and architectural style, from Art Deco through High-Tech, and demonstrating how to create your own edifice using LEGO building blocks in an array of colors. With the holidays on the horizon, this book makes a great stocking stuffer!

“The LEGO Architect” by Tom Alphin – Gotta Love It!

ayurvedic cookbook

If you are tired of feeling tired, bloated, foggy and devoid of energy, it’s very likely your food choices that are affecting how you feel! Lois A. Leonhardi has recently premiered a wonderful new cookbook that invites the reader to explore the fascinating world of Ayurvedic cooking, “The Essential Ayurvedic Cookbook”, published by Robert Rose (

Inside these pages you will discover a totally different way to understand your physical constitution and how food affects how you feel, along with 200 recipes that focus on a holistic approach to cooking. “The Essential Ayurvedic Cookbook” makes a great gift to yourself this fall and has been published in time for holiday gift giving.

“The Essential Ayurvgedic Cookbook” by Lois A. Leonhardi – Gotta Love It!


If you are a fan of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, you won’t want to miss the new food/travel series premiering on your local PBS station starring its producer, Phil Rosenthal.

Rosenthal is host of “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” (  and this personable and unaffected Queens native invites the audience to go along as he explores the world of food in places as diverse as Los Angeles, Italy, China and Spain. Rosenthal is a genial host who plays on his own food hang-ups to bring humor to his search for a delicious meal, explaining that his discovery of various ethnic cuisines outside his own New York neighborhood is “like Dorothy seeing color for the first time in ‘The Wizard of Oz'”).  “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” premieres on PBS on September 28th.

“I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” — Gotta Love It!

photo: courtesy of Lily Rosenthal


Kids seem to always be rummaging through the refrigerator after school looking for a well deserved snack prior to tackling their homework. Alpina (  has premiered a series of new yogurt products called Alpina NBA All-Stars Yogurt, with a free NBA player sticker inside each package.

What makes these yogurts so great is not only the quality of the yogurt but also the package of toppings attached to the top, which can be blended into the sweet-tart vanilla low-fat yogurt in the base or enjoyed separately. Among the selections are Cookies and Cream, Dunkers, Chocolate Mini Gems and Chocolate Pretzels (our favorite). Keep plenty of these All-Stars chilled and ready for your young athletes when they return from school or game practice. They also make a nutritious on-the-go snack and are a great addition to brown bag lunches for kids of all ages!

Alpina NBA All-Stars Yogurt – Gotta Love It!


As the days get shorter, the weather cooler and the kids get back to hitting the books, it’s time to shake up your daily nutritional regimen to include foods that are nutrient-dense to provide you with more energy.

We recently had the good fortune to sample some of the Nutiva family of products ( , including their hemp seeds, coconut oil, unrefined palm oil and o’coconut treats. Check out the health foods section of your favorite supermarket and add these to your repertoire this autumn. You can also order Nutiva products directly online. Hemp seeds make a tasty addition to breakfast smoothies and hot cereals like oatmeal, coconut and palm oil are great for using in baked good recipes, sauteing and cooking, and the O’Coconut treats are positively addictive.

Nutiva Products – Gotta Love It!


If you are lucky enough to have a canine (or three) as part of your family, check out Sanae Suzuki’s wonderful new book , “Healthy Happy Pooch” (

It is a compilation of the best recommendations, suggestions, resources and recipes for keeping dogs of any age healthy and happy. All dog lovers want their four-legged friends to enjoy a long, disease and pain-free life, and Suzuki’s book is a valuable guide to helping make that happen.

“Healthy Happy Pooch” by Sanae Suziki – Gotta Love It!


If you are looking for some fascinating end-of-summer reading, we can heartily recommend actress Kathleen Frazier’s recently released “Sleepwalker.”

This is an amazing tale of her two decades-long experience with sleepwalking and night terrors, reaching the point where she almost loses her life. So many of us take sleep for granted, this book ( offers the reader new insights into that strange dream world all of us enter when we shut our eyes at night.

Sleepwalker by Kathleen Frazier – Gotta Love It!

With school bells ringing again, it’s important to make certain your youngsters are well fortified before heading off to the classroom this fall.

For some very inspired recipes for creating satisfying breakfast sandwiches, even for the pickiest of eaters, check out Jennifer William’s wonderful book, “150 Best Breakfast Sandwich Maker Recipes” (

You don’t need a sandwich maker appliance to make these delicious creations (the eggs will just be more perfectly formed), and most recipes are easy on the budget and don’t take a lot of time to prepare.

“150 Best Breakfast Sandwich Maker Recipes” by Jennifer Williams – Gotta Love It!