Kids seem to always be rummaging through the refrigerator after school looking for a well deserved snack prior to tackling their homework. Alpina (  has premiered a series of new yogurt products called Alpina NBA All-Stars Yogurt, with a free NBA player sticker inside each package.

What makes these yogurts so great is not only the quality of the yogurt but also the package of toppings attached to the top, which can be blended into the sweet-tart vanilla low-fat yogurt in the base or enjoyed separately. Among the selections are Cookies and Cream, Dunkers, Chocolate Mini Gems and Chocolate Pretzels (our favorite). Keep plenty of these All-Stars chilled and ready for your young athletes when they return from school or game practice. They also make a nutritious on-the-go snack and are a great addition to brown bag lunches for kids of all ages!

Alpina NBA All-Stars Yogurt – Gotta Love It!