In the 1970s, the musical group “The Patridge Family” encouraged everyone to “C’mon, Get Happy”. In the 21st century, Neurogenesis is helping everyone to feel happy with their award-winning product, Get Happy Water. (www.livehappywater.ca/ourwater), a naturally alkaline lithia water containing other beneficial minerals.


Autumn weather can be very dehydrating to the system, but with Happy Water bottles or their 5L Happy Water Box to dispense this naturally alkaline lithia water, it’s easy to stay hydrated as well as healthy. What makes Happy Water so special is that it contains a proprietary blend of British Columbian spring water from two natural resources, along with such beneficial minerals and electrolites as lithium, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. It features a pH level of 7.4, ideal for helping keep the body in an alkaline state to help ward off disease. Happy Water has a very refreshing taste and is easy to store in the fridge in either dispenser box or bottle format.

Neurogenesis Happy Water – Gotta Love It!