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Okay, everybody – grab your box of Crayola Crayons and a copy of “Don’t Quit Your Day Dream” by Bethany Robertson, and join the current craze of adult coloring as a creative way to relax!

This stylish book, published by Ulysses Press (, looks like it has leapt right out of the psychodelic 70s. There are a total of 20 Hand-drawn cards to “tear, color and share”, using crayons, colored pencils or pen and ink. The framed blank space on the back of each card could be used as a mailing address to send these as a one-of-a-kind postcard or you can keep them yourself for framing.

“Don’t Quit your Day Dream” by Bethany Robertson – Gotta Love It!


If you want to put a smile on your face first thing in the morning, put Smiling Dog Coffee ( into your coffee maker.

Every purchase you make of this company’s ground or whole bean coffee, coffee K-cups and other merchandise helps to support a variety of animal rescue organizations such as Pilots ‘N Paws ( and Pits for Patriots (  Just click onto one of the many deserving organizations when ordering and 25% of your purchase benefits their cause.  Caramel Retriever, a delicious salted caramel blend, is our first pick, along with such seasonal choices as Pumpkin Spice. Shipping is always fast right to your door and we guarantee this coffee will put a smile on your face as well as in your heart for helping so many rescue animals in need.

Smiling Dog Coffee – Gotta Love It!


You probably know the feeling of being a bit hungry and seeking something to satisfy your appetite without indulging in a lot of calories. Check out Fla-Ver, the new artisan crafted candies ( that will totally tantalize your tastebuds.

Manufactured by Creative Concepts in the USA, Fla-Ver are very tiny mini-bites with intense taste, ranging from Peppermint, Lime and Pineapple Jalapeno to Mint Rosemary, Cherry and a salty, buttery Popcorn. Each 25 g packet is easy to carry with you throughout the day for when you need a taste break without adding lots of calories or fat. Fla-Ver features all natural flavors and colors and make great stocking stuffers for the candy lover on your Christmas gift list.

Fla-Ver Artisan Crafted Candies – Gotta Love It!


Saying “I’m sorry” can be difficult in many cases, but Apuglogies ( makes it much easier to get the conversation started .

This book contains 20 tickets, each featuring a different Pug Dog asking for the forgiveness of the recipient, with space on the reverse to write your own message. Our favorite is the wide-eyed Pug sitting next to the simple one-word message of “ooooooooooooppppppsssssssssss”. If you tend to make a lot of mistakes and are a dog lover, keep Apuglogies handy.

Apuglogies – Gotta Love It!9781612434858

The creative folks at Ulysses Press ( recently shared a great stocking stuffer with us – their book of Emoticat Stickers featuring 200 peel and stick feline photos, showcasing 50 different cat poses and expressions.

These stickers are a great way for cat lovers to decorate their snail mail, stationary or do some creative feline crafting for the holidays.The photogenic little kitties in this book express  moods ranging from sadness and sleepiness to joy, confusion and irritation.

Emoticat Stickers from Ulysses Press – Gotta Love It!9781612434544


If you love treating yourself and your family to delicious meals but hate complicated and involved recipes that take numerous ingredients and more than half a dozen procedures, you will love Nancy S. Hughes’ new cookbook release, “Two-Step Diabetes Cookbook.”

Although designed to serve those challenged by diabetes, “Two-Step Diabetes Cookbook” (  has a wide range of creative recipes that can satisfy anyone’s palate and each of them only takes a quick two steps to complete! How about an Italian meatloaf that requires only 2-minutes to prepare, or a creamy coleslaw made with Greek yogurt and frozen peas. And a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book benefits the American Diabetes’ Association efforts to Stop Diabetes. It makes a great stocking stuffer for the cookbook fan on your gift list and will certainly make meal preparation a lot easier for those with diabetes.

“Two-Step Diabetes Cookbook” – Gotta Love It!


One of our favorite quotes from one of our favorite holiday movies is from “It’s A Wonderful Life” — “every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings”.  Jacob’s Musical Car Charms ( make it possible for you to hear the sweet tinkling of the kind of music the angels adore every time you are driving.

We were recently lucky enough to be gifted with a Jacob’s Musical Car Charm and love the relaxing sound it makes, hanging from our car’s rearview window. The 9″ ball chain makes it easy to hang anywhere you want  to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing sound throughout the day, in your car, home or office. Jacob’s, proudly made in the USA, offers 28 collectible car charm designs. These range from cats, dogs and paw prints to fairies, owls and inspirational messages. Musical instrument maker Jacob Sokoloff also offers other delightful musical products featuring chimes in his website store, including Magnetic Adorn-a-ments and Cantabell Gardenstakes. Any of these beautifully crafted and highly detailed pieces make perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas gift giving.

Jacob’s Musical Chimes – Gotta Love It!



If you are ready to start treating yourself right and investing in beauty products that nourish your skin rather than harm it with toxins and hard-to-pronounce chemicals, you owe it to yourself to read Paige Padgett’s amazing book, “The Green Beauty Rules” (

This very well-researched guidebook provides a comprehensive education on just what ingredients are contained in many popular beauty products today, how to evaluate those that are people and earth-friendly, and the best green beauty picks at your local drugstore.

“The Green Beauty Rules” by Paige Padgett – Gotta Love It!

It’s not often that you get to enjoy a win-win situation when doing your holiday shopping, but World Vision (www. enables holiday shoppers this year to give a gift that changes somebody’s life, in addition to getting a handcrafted item they can enjoy themselves or pass along to another person on their gift list.

The gorgeous Soapstone Box pictured was handcrafted in Kenya and is among the many handcrafted gift selections you will receive for free when you make a donation ranging between $40 to $100 to assist World Vision in its work of providing people around the world with livestock and other equipment so that they can make a living.

Among the items featured in the 2015 World Vision Gift Catalog  that will be shipped to you as a thanks for your donations are a Royal Silk Scarf, a Balinese Multi-Strand Necklace, A Silver Vines Cuff, a Mango Wood Beaded Bracelet, in addition to Hand-carved serving sppoons, an Ethiopia Sumatra coffee blend, a Vietnamese Tote, and Capiz Shell Coasters. You can also browse the Catalog to donate funds for purchasing chickens, rabbits, cows and sheep outright so that individuals around the world can help to lift themselves out of poverty. Donations can also be applied to purchasing a sewing machine or a bicycle that can help change the course of someone’s life.

The World Vision Christmas 2015 Gift Catalog – Gotta Love It!SoapstoneBox

Like the old advertising slogan goes, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. Dr. Fraser Smith has recently released a book that focuses on solutions for keeping your brain and mental faculties healthy, well into your senior years.

“The Complete Brain Exercise Book” ( is actually two books in one. The first section gives you a series of fun and challenging tests and exercises to perform on a regular basis in order to stimulate your gray matter and improve your language, motor skills and memory. The second half includes 125 easy to prepare recipes focusing on ingredients and preparation methods that are great for optimum brain health.

“The Complete Brain Exercise Book” by Dr. Fraser Smith – Gotta Love It!

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