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Just in time for 2015 holiday shopping, the DIY diva of mid-century modern bliss, Brini Maxwell, has premiered a new online shop at

Treat yourself to a peak at all of Brini’s wonderful fare, including books, DVDs, crafting, home decor and tabletop goodies, all perfect for gifting to those who prefer the more civilized, mannered and refined world of the 60s and 70s!

The Brini Shop – Gotta Love It!




If you are a fan of radio’s countdown shows, like the iconic one done by the late Casey Kasem, you will love Jim Beviglia’s latest book offering, “Counting Down The Rolling Stones: Their 100 Finest Songs” (

This volume is a very detailed effort to chronicle the 100 best musical efforts of The Rolling Stones , with insightful commentary, review and analysis provided by an author who is one of the leading journalists of the American music industry. We were surprised that “Satisfaction”, our favorite TRS tune, didn’t make it into Beviglia’s top 10 list (it was number 11), but reading about the background and creative process involved in 100 of the Stone’s iconic songs certainly gave us a deeper appreciation of their longevity in the music business.

“Counting Down The Rolling Stones: Their 100 Finest Songs” – Gotta Love It!


If pizza is your favorite comfort food, then you will love “The United States of Pizza” by Craig Priebe with Dianne Jacob. (

This cookbook is an amazing love letter to pizza in all its delicious incarnations, from thin crust and stuffed crust to gluten-free and Chicago deep dish style, with an amazing array of recipes and topping suggestions from chefs and restaurants across this great nation. The color photography is stunning and the recipes mouthwatering. Anybody who loves pizza will be lucky to find this handsome volume in their Christmas stocking!

The United States of Pizza by Craig Priebe – Gotta Love It!




breaking bad

With adult coloring books all the rage these days, the award-winning “Breaking Bad” television series has gotten into the game with what it is calling “A Badass Coloring & Activity Book for Grown-Ups” (

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for the “Breaking Bad” fan suffering from withdrawal since the series ended. Crayons and colored pencils are not included.

The Breaking Bad Cookin’ Up Some Color, Yo Coloring Book – Gotta Love it!





It’s time to get busy in the kitchen creating those wonderful and delicious “sugarplums” that make the holiday season so special!

The good folks at Domino Sugar are offering a free Snowman Building Kit for download when you visit It includes a recipe, cookie template, decorating instructions and a gift box and gift tags that you can print out! How sweet is that?

Domino Sugar free Snowman Building Kit – Gotta Love It!


If you love cats or know someone who does, Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much by Allia Zobel Nolan is the perfect pick-me-up to lighten your mood  (

The very clever cartoons by Nicole Hollander that illustrate each of the situations depicted in this humorous volume will quickly put a smile on your face. This very funny paperback acknowledges what so many women already know to be true – the world would be a much less wonderful place without kitty love!

Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much — Gotta Love It!

world vision

The meaner the world gets, the more kindness that needs to be circulated.

Do yourself and a family member or friend a favor this holiday season and check out the wonderful array of handcrafted gifts available from the World Vision Catalog ( Your donation here qualifies you to receive one of several beautifully crafted gifts, either to keep for yourself or to gift to someone you cherish.  These range from silk scarves (pictured),  necklaces and totes to hand-carved serving spoons or a container of prosperity cinnamon. Every dollar you spend helps give a lift to a family in need.

Handcrafted Gifts from the World Vision Catalog – Gotta Love It!

rainbow socks

In this high-tech, low touch world, it’s great to remember that books provide a wonderfully imaginative way for children to learn,  to do some creative mind-travelling, as well as encounter new concepts that help them grow into well-adjusted adults. Here are some of our best picks for children’s books to fill your kids’ Christmas stockings in 2015:

  • Win or Lose, I Love You, by Lysa Terkeurst (, with its wonderful message of being kind rather than being first.
  • Good Dogs, Great Listeners by Renata Bowers with JoAnn and Joel Bacon, pictures by Michael Chesworth (, celebrating a young girl’s connection to her dog.
  • Country Store by Tim Noah (, a story of adventure and friendship accompanied by creative, original songs.
  • Princess Cupcake Jones and the Queen’s Closet by Ylleya Fields, illustrated by Michael LaDuca ( , one of a series of adventures in a young princess’s life.
  • Raine’s Rainbow Socks by Richard Ditchburn, illustred by Swain Esper (, with some lovely lessons about how to be resourceful when facing a challenge.

Quality Children’s Books for Filling  Christmas Stockings – Gotta Love It!


For everyone who loves a good mystery, accomplished film director Fraser Heston,  founder  of Agamemnon Films,  offers a wonderful  treat. His compelling documentary, “The Search for Michael Rockefeller”, is being released later this month on DVD in time for holiday gift-giving (

We recently chatted with Heston and associate produce Heather McAdams about their documentary, a project that  took 2 ½ years of painstaking work.   Heston originally purchased the film rights to adventurer Milt Machlin’s book about the 1961 disappearance of  Rockefeller heir Michael Rockefeller, an anthropologist and son of  New York governor Nelson Rockefeller,  during a trip to New Guinea in search of Asmat artworks and artifacts.  Heston quickly became intrigued by the younger Rockefeller’s amazing accomplishments despite his young age and undertook some detective work on his own to locate some 10,000 feet of film footage Machlin mentioned in his book but that had never been exhibited.


Heston found Michael Rockefeller to be an intriguing character “who made a choice to swim ashore when his canoe overturned, and he made a choice that cost this guy his life.” Adds MacAdams, “You can’t help but wonder what he would have become because he was already intrepid at the age of 23, headstrong and stubborn, yet not spoiled, despite his family’s wealth.”

Viewers of “The Search for Michael Rockefeller” will agree with Heston and McAdams that their subject matter is  fascinating. Watching this compelling documentary is like stepping into a time machine that transports the viewer more than four decades backwards to a primitive land filled with headhunting warriors and a wild jungle landscape with potential danger in every direction.  

Your heart will be in your throat at many points during the film as the documentary provides mounting  evidence about the young Rockefeller’s ultimate fate. But no spoilers here – be sure to watch the backstory feature offering additional clues that pose a few more questions about this celebrated disappearance . “The Search for Michael Rockefeller” is documentary film making at its finest, intense and dramatic, and one that holds the viewer’s interest from the very first frame.

Watch it via Netflix (, or  order it through Agamemnon Films (

“The Search for Michael Rockefeller” Documentary  – Gotta Love It!






It’s time to start stocking your wine cellar with selections that you can be proud to serve your guests throughout the holiday season.

We were recently introduced to several wines from the Tejo Region of Portugal ( , an area rich in history located just a short distance from the capital of Lisbon. Winemakers in this part of the country have tended their hillside vineyards since the time of the early Roman empire.

A 2012 IKON Fiuza was a superb red wine choice to accompany a platter of assorted cheeses, silky smooth on the tongue, rich , earthy and full-bodied, with a gorgeous deep purple color. Margaride’s 2014 Estate Bottled Chardonnay and Arinto had that satisfying hint of oak that characterizes premium chardonnays and the sweet-tart aroma of freshly sliced apples and pineapples. Do yourself and your friends a favor this holiday season and investigate the wine offerings of Portugal from the celebrated Tejo Region. They are perfect for sipping by the fireside, accompanying your favorite meals, or for gifting to family members and friends who enjoy quality vintages.

Portuguese Wines of Tejo – Gotta Love It!