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The good folks at Goodwill Keystone Area have alerted us to a great way to donate items to local charities, using a service called the Give Back Box (

You simply reuse a box that you received merchandise in and fill it with your donations, go to the Give Back Box website and plug in your zip code to find the nearest participating charity, then print out a pre-paid shipping label to attach to your box and mail it via UPS or USPS or request a pick-up! How easy is that! Get busy this Giving Tuesday collecting those treasures you no longer want or need.

Give Back Box – Gotta Love It!


For those on your holiday gift list who enjoy spending time in their own private workshops making useful things, David Erick Nelson has produced a very cool new book called “Junkyard Jam Band: DIY Musical Instruments and Noisemakers” (

This comprehensive guidebook gives detailed instructions on how to construct more than a dozen different instruments to produce noise and/or music, ranging from a Slinkiphone and Scratchbox to a nifty Robo-Tiki String-Steeled Ukulele. Guaranteed thousands of hours of fun and challenge for those who love do-it-yourself projects.

Junkyard Jam Band – Gotta Love It!