We recently caught up with The Amazing Kreskin (  to chat about the recent release of his 20th book, “In Real  Time” , the latest milestone in a more than 60-year career as a mentalist that has taken him to venues around the world from Italy and New Zealand to Japan and Saudi Arabia.

The 81-year old Kreskin speaks with the enthusiasm of a man decades younger, stating simply “I love my work, dealing with what people are thinking” .  That  passion has translated into his latest book effort, published by Thane & Prose, a series of  astonishing revelations about what our future world looks like, based on 26 detailed visions that Kreskin has experienced since 2008.

There’s no doubt that Kreskin was born with special mental abilities. He recalls his Sicilian grandparents were among his first informal audiences, when, as a third-grader, he was able to immediately be drawn to find a penny that his brother had hidden in the room. “In Real Time”, he explains, “is a reflection of my being dissatisfied with the answers being given by today’s leaders and looking beyond for answers.” He began his career doing small private parties in his native New Jersey, the start of a life-long commitment to entertaining people with his amazing mental powers.

His latest book deals with such topics as life-saving medical advances, the vulnerability of the country’s electrical grid,  the threats posed by increasingly violent weather,  mind control, and the horrors of war. Kreskin hopes that the information and perceptions  provided by this book, which deal with some pretty scary scenarios,  will inspire readers to develop “a masterplan for the future” rather than simply frighten them.

Kreskin insists that the viability of today’s culture rests on its ability to resurrect and reawaken a very important concept – “neighborhood.”

“What neighborhood represents, a time when people knew each other when passing on the street, and there was a general concern for everyone, is not only the key to society but also our own inner lives,” says the celebrated New Jersey native.

“ You can only meet a person for the first time once in your life” reminds Kreskin.  Count yourself lucky if you get the chance to meet The Amazing Kreskin, either at a live performance or through one of his many books.

“In Real Time” by The Amazing Kreskin – Gotta Love It!