raw food detox

If you are still feeling the loggy effects of winter on your energy level, treat yourself to recipes guaranteed to add more get up and go to your life, Anya Ladra’s “Raw Food Detox For Health & Vitality” (www.rylandpeters.com).

This beautifully illustrated book will inspire you to visit your local Farmer’s Market more often this season in order to prepare delicious, colorful and nutritious salads, main courses, snacks and desserts without using your microwave, oven or stove!  A wide array of creative recipe suggestions that are sure to wake up your taste buds, including Rainbow Salad with Wild Rice,  Tomato Quiche with Almond Pastry and a Raw Stir-Fry.

Raw Food Detox for Health & Vitality by Anya Ladra – Gotta Love It!