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FisherDawg ( is a wonderful addition to your children’s reading list this summer and makes a great book to throw into your beachbag for some very pleasant seaside reading this summer.

Author and photographer Lisa L. Phillips does a wonderful job using her camera to capture the adventuresome spirit of “FisherDawg”as he undertakes a seagoing excursion accompanied by his best pal, Philman. This book will enchant youngsters and oldsters alike and is the perfect book for reading together. This story is one in a series of FisherDawg stories.

FisherDawg by Lisa L. Phillips – Gotta Love It!



As the summer season seems to be getting an early start across the country, it’s important to remember to stay well-hydrated as the weather becomes more hot and humid. 

Alkaline88 Water ( not only offers you pure and refreshing water, but water that is balanced to the perfect pH level to help you maintain good health. No less than 84 trace Himalayan minerals are included in Alkaline88 Water to give you a beverage option that is not only clear and refreshing but also nutritious! It comes in an assortment of sizes, from personal water bottles perfect for stowing in your picnic basket, to 1 gallon and 3-liter containers to store in the refrigerator and suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

Alkaline88 Water – Gotta Love It!


If you have ever watched the wildly popular “Shark Tank” TV show, you will know that Anthony Amos’ new book, “How To Catch A Shark” ( has nothing to do with deep sea fishing and everything to do with becoming successful at partnering with the elusive and powerful category of moguls and investors known in the business world as “sharks.”

Amos is an Australian transplant to the US who shares the fascinating journey he took in order to successfully meet and eventually partner with Shark Kevin Harrington. The advice he gives and the lessons he learns along the way are invaluable to business people and entrepreneurs alike.

How to Catch a Shark by Anthony Amos – Gotta Love It!



If your life is in need of some artistic magic to brighten your day, check out Oscar of New Orleans (, specializing in handcrafted wearable art inspired by Mardi Gras and other facets of the Crescent City!

We were lucky enough to be gifted with a pair of earrings recently, crafted by Oscar of New Orleans founder Oscar C. Donahue III, whose business card wisely exhorts, “Life is Short! Love Somebody.!” Well, we guarantee you will fall in love with the whimsy and craftsmanship of Oscar’s earrings, everyday pins, parrotheads, Mardi Gras jewelry and holiday collection. If you can’t visit Oscar’s store personally at the city’s French Market, his website offers a full array of his colorful wearable art which can be shipped directly to you or any gift recipient.

Oscar of New Orleans – Gotta Love It!


“The Quick Six Fix” by Stuart O’Keeffe ( is a worthy addition to your cookbook collection.

The title refers to the six ingredients, six minute preparation time and six minute clean-up effort each of these 100 no-fuss, all-fresh recipes entails. We love how O’Keeffe manages to incorporate surprise ingredients into such staples as angel hair pasta, macaroni and cheese, morning oatmeal and steak salad. If your menu repertoire has been feeling a bit dull and tired lately, The Quick Six Fix is a delightful solution that helps keep meals simple yet delicious!

The Quick Six Fix by Stuart O’Keeffe – Gotta Love It!


Have you noticed that fruit juices, sodas and even sweetened iced teas can leave you with an aftertaste of sugar that doesn’t fully quench your thirst, especially when the weather gets warmer?  

 Sparkling Ice ( has introduced a line-up of “Essence of” beverages that offer you naturally flavored sparkling water with just the slightest hint of authentic fruit flavor.  The taste is fizzy yet crisp, making Sparkling Ice “Essence of” Sparkling Waters one of the most delicious ways to truly quench your thirst this summer! The line-up includes Tangerine (our favorite), Peach, Lemon-Lime (great as a cocktail mixer), and simply plain but refreshing Water.

Sparkling Ice “Essence Of” Sparkling Waters – Gotta Love It!

lose weight

This week’s book pick invites you to consider a new way of cooking and eating in order to save money, enjoy more nutritionally rich foods and be able to drop a few pounds in the process.

Audrey Johns, in “Lose Weight by Eating” (  provides a lovely array of recipes that focus on eliminating convenience and processed foods from your diet in favor of creative home cooking that utilizes fresh seasonal ingredients. If you love to savor food and enjoy the art of preparing and eating delicious meals, this book presents a new perspective on being able to enjoy real foods with the added bonus of saving money and losing pounds.

Lose Weight by Eating by Audrey Johns – Gotta Love It!