If dad fancies himself a do-it-yourself expert, Hang-O-Matic (www.hangomatic.com) makes the perfect Father’s Day gift!

Hang-O-Matic is a nifty, easy to operate tool that quickly measures, levels and marks any wall where you want to correctly position any item for hanging. Few things can feel more frustrating that attempting to hang a picture on the wall, only to step back after plenty of careful calculations to discover that the frame is hanging at a crooked angle.  Hang-O-Matic makes it simple, easy and fun to hang everything from picture frames of all sizes to mirrors, shelves, and works of art, ensuring that the object is perfectly straight.  Any dad, father-in-law, stepfather or brother will appreciate a gift of Hang-O-Matic as a welcome addition to the essentials in their toolbox.

Hang-O-Matic – Gotta Love It!