Too many health products these days continue to have hidden ingredients that just replace the problem you are trying to solve  with unwanted side effects. But when it comes to body deodorant,  Green Goo ( built a better mousetrap by developing a 100% all natural product that is aluminum free, designed to keep you fresh & dry all day.

This summer they are launching their line-up of Green Goo 100% All Natural Deodorant in four styles: unscented, rose & geranium (our favorite), lavender & Thyme and Lemongrass & Sage. This product, featuring herbs and plant-based oils, applies smoothly and easily to the skin without any irritation, smells great, and does exactly what it says it will do– keep your underarms feeling fresh, dry and odor free throughout your day! In addition to full-sized containers for the bathroom vanity, Green Goo also offers a convenient travel size tube for handy use at the health club or when you’re on the road.

Green Goo 100% All Natural Deodorant – Gotta Love It!