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After reviewing all of the many creative recipe suggestions that utilize the Aroma Rice Cooker in Allison Baird’s “My Aroma Rice Cooker Cookbook” (, we vote this rice cooker the hardest working piece of equipment in any kitchen.

We were surprised to discover that the Aroma Rice Cooker can do plenty more than just cook rice. How about steam corn on the cobs, make pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast, create delicious clam chowder and other soups for lunch, as well as make fast work of an array of ethnic specialties such as Sesame Ginger Chicken for supper! If you don’t already own an Aroma Rice Cooker, Baird’s 150-recipe guidebook will inspire you to get one to help make creative meals more easy and more delicious!

My Aroma Rice Cooker Cookbook by Allison Baird — Gotta Love It!



As Santa’s helpers start searching for the perfect Christmas gift, we have one for anyone with diabetes on your gift list. The Paleo Diabetes Diet Solution by Jill Hillhouse with Lisa Cantkier ( offers 150 recipes along with a 30 day meal plan designed to help manage blood sugar issues.

What’s especially great about the recipes featured in this guidebook is that everyone in the family can enjoy them, eliminating the need for extra work and added costs to prepare menu items solely for the diabetic patient. These menu offerings are colorful, delicious, jazzy and made with seasonal affordable ingredients to be easy on your budget, plus there is a great “Extras” section in the final chapter for tasty snacks that won’t send your glucose levels skyrocketing.

The Paleo Diabetes Diet Solution by Jill Hillhouse with Lisa Cantkier – Gotta Love it!



Surprise Balls (pictured above) are just one example of the quality hand-made gifts, greetings and charming collectibles that are featured at Tops Malibu (

Sparklers, wish capsules, game and activity cards and pinatas are among the colorful, whimsical and amazing delights you can find at this very unique online store operated by Judy Walker.  We love the company’s mission to “add surprise to life and its celebration.”  We guarantee that just browsing through their selection of stuff will bring a smile to your face.  When you need a gift that is the perfect day brightener, Tops Malibu is the place to find it!

Tops Malibu — Gotta Love It!


Just released today is Craig Nelson’s compelling account of one of the most pivotal times in world history, “Pearl Harbor”, ( .

Nelson’s vivid and detailed description of the events leading up to the attack, what transpired during the attack itself, and the aftermath are disturbing, horrifying and very revealing. Japanese pilot Tatsuya Ohtawa is among the many military men quoted in this amazing examination of World War II , and he correctly predicts” We were about to change an island of dreams into a living hell.”  The graphic descriptions and images portrayed in this book will be hard to erase from your memory , but this volume is well-worth reading and hard to put down.

Pearl Harbor by Craig Nelson — Gotta Love It!



If you are fascinated in any way, shape or form by the topic of “food”, you will love Charity Dasenbrock’s insightful examination of our relationship with food in her new release, “Through the Fire” (, published by Balboa Press.

Among the many topics she explores are comfort food,  celebrating with food, shopping for food and today’s food quality, with a smattering of her favorite recipes throughout and numerous “take a moment” practices she recommends for being more conscious of how food impacts your life and quality of living. At 100 pages, this is a small book, jam-packed with some big ideas that just might challenge how you view shopping for food, cooking food and getting more enjoyment from the foods you select from now on.

Through The Fire by Charity Dasenbrock – Gotta Love It!


If there is a LEGO lover in your household, the newly released “The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book” by Chris McVeigh ( is a must-have guide book.

It contains detailed instructions for DIY projects that help you create 15 different Christmas ornaments guaranteed to make your holiday tree say “Merry Brickmas”, including plans for a snowflake, Christmas ball and wreath, gingerbread house, Poinsettia and Christmas tree. Easy to follow, fun, creative and a great gift for any LEGO enthusiast.


The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book by Chris McVeigh – Gotta Love It!


The days of easy summer living may be rapidly dwindling, but Sonic  locations ( have a tempting BOGO offer on their delicious array of boneless chicken wings for a limited time Monday through Thursdays starting at 5 p.m.

Boneless Wings fans can chow down on any of 6 flavors, available in 6, 12 and 24-pack containers, including hot honey, Asian sweet chili, Buffalo boneless (our favorite) and garlic parmesan. We found our wing selections to be juicy, tasty, meaty and a great way to enjoy savory chicken without any muss or fuss. They are the perfect accompaniment to an Island Breeze Frozen Drink or a made-to-order Ice Cream Shake. And if you can’t make it during the BOGO offer window, you can still enjoy Sonic Boneless Wings at an affordable regular price, starting at $3.99, during other times of the day and night. 

Sonic Boneless Wings – Gotta Love It!