After reviewing all of the many creative recipe suggestions that utilize the Aroma Rice Cooker in Allison Baird’s “My Aroma Rice Cooker Cookbook” (www.barnesandnoble.com), we vote this rice cooker the hardest working piece of equipment in any kitchen.

We were surprised to discover that the Aroma Rice Cooker can do plenty more than just cook rice. How about steam corn on the cobs, make pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast, create delicious clam chowder and other soups for lunch, as well as make fast work of an array of ethnic specialties such as Sesame Ginger Chicken for supper! If you don’t already own an Aroma Rice Cooker, Baird’s 150-recipe guidebook will inspire you to get one to help make creative meals more easy and more delicious!

My Aroma Rice Cooker Cookbook by Allison Baird — Gotta Love It!