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Candles take on a special meaning during the holiday season and giving them as gifts makes a wonderful holiday gift for people of all ages.

Candelas La Luciernaga, meaning “Firefly Candles,” are produced in Honduras by a non-profit cooperative dedicated to the empowerment and welfare of women.  Since 2002, Ten Thousand Villages (  have offered these quality candles for sale on their website and in their retail stores.  They are beautiful as a decorate work of art if you choose to keep them unlighted, or use them to add a beautiful slow glow to the environment of any room.  We guarantee that any recipient of this handcrafted, fair trade product will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Candelas La Luciernaga from Ten Thousand Villages – Gotta Love It!


We were recently introduced to editor Tom Jackson’s gorgeous newly released coffee table book, “Engineering: An Illustrated History From Ancient Craft to Modern Technology”, published by Shelter Harbor Press (

This latest, and seventh, edition in the Ponderable series that covers illustrated histories of Mathematics, the Universe, Philosophy, The Bjrain, The Elements and Physics in its first six volumes, celebrates 100 achievements by engineers in genetics, construction, electronics and spacecraft that changed, elevated and advanced humankind. Each of the 100 achievements is beautifully illustrated and nicely explained in everyday language for readers of all ages. You’ll want to add Engineering to your Christmas gift list – it’s an amazing compilation that will have you appreciate the inventions that have changed society, our daily lives and the world.

Engineering: An Illustrated History From Ancient Craft to Modern Technology, edited by Tom Jackson – Gotta Love It!


Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn (  wants every woman to become her most beautiful and in Vonn’s world, that means becoming strong in mind, body and spirit.

Strong is the New Beautiful” , written with Sarah Toland, from Dey Street Books ( is an inspiring guide to looking and feeling your best by commiting to exercise, eating clean and whole foods, and developing an attitude of self-love and self-confidence. “Strong is the New Beautiful” embraces the idea that you don’t have to be a professional athlete, model or actress to consider yourself one of the beautiful people!  Recipes, exercises and suggestions for changing your mind in order to change your body make this guidebook the newest bible for developing true beauty that is the best kind of power.

Strong is the New Beautiful” by Lindsey Vonn with Sarah Toland – Gotta Love It!


A Plant-Based Life ” by Micaela Cook Karlsen ( offers the reader a comprehensive overview of the choices they can make in shopping, cooking and dining in order to realize a healthier way of life.

This book, which includes 100 colorful and delicious plant-based recipes, presents a very good case on why choosing whole foods from the local Farmer’s Market rather than conventional processed foods can positively impact your budget, your health and your overall impact on the environment.  “A Plant-Based Life” provides a very useful guide on ways to gently help you make new food choices that offer a bigger return on your investment.

“A Plant-Based Life” by Micaela Cook Karlsen – Gotta Love It!


Pedro ‘n’ Pip by Taylor Barton ( is a charming book that combines a story about a seagoing  rescue mission with song.

The tale centers around a brave and adventuresome 9-year old named Pip who gets involved in environmental activities when she meets an octopus named Pedro who needs her assistance when an oil spill occurs in the Gulf of Mexico. What makes this book unique is its combination of story with song, as each book includes a free card to download the songs included in the story.  This book is a gentle way to teach kids about being responsible stewards of the plant and the importance of treating all of the creatures who inhabit land and sea with care.

Pedro ‘N’ Pip by Taylor Barton – Gotta Love It!


halloween-candy-stash_large had added two new offerings designed to please even the most discriminating treat or treater on your Halloween gift list this year.

The Halloween Candy Stash (pictured above) is filled to the brim with fresh and delicious miniatures of your favorites, including Reese’s Peanutbutter cups, Snickers, Nerds, SweetTarts, Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Roll pops and KitKat bars. We are pleased to report that the candy we sampled from this ultra-goodie box was very fresh and appealing to our sweet tooth.


Another new Halloween offering is the Witch’s Kitchen Brownie. “Witch” brownie will you choose, as you have your choice of twelve individually wrapped, freshly baked goodies to sink your teeth into, including peanut butter, chocolate chunk and fudge walnut (our favorite). Both of these new offerings feature colorfully decorated sturdy hat box containers that can be enjoyed long after the trick or treating is over. Both are affordably priced under $30, so either goodie box makes a great “thank you” or hostess gift. Halloween Treats — Gotta Love It!


If your knowledge and use of peppers is limited to red, green and orange bell peppers found in your supermarket produce section, check out the newly released Chile Pepper Bible by Judith Finlayson (

This beautifully illustrated  448-page reference/cookbook teaches you everything you need to know about chile peppers, their health benefits, their varieties from Anaheim to Scotch Bonnets , along with 250 ways to enjoy them in dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world. The Chile Pepper Bible makes the perfect Christmas gift book selection for the home chef on your list, or treat yourself to a fascinating collection of everything you ever wanted or needed to know about the mild, hot and smoking hot chile peppers.

The Chile Pepper Bible by Judith Finlayson – Gotta Love It!


The good news is that it’s time for another Westgate Jewelers Sidewalk Sale at the Westgate Mall in Bethlehem, PA , beginning Sunday, October 9 at 10 a.m. The even better news is that most of the quality pieces (an inventory of 25,000 pieces for this event) are being offered at the rock-bottom price of only one dollar each!

Check out Westgate Jewelers Facebook page at to get on the list to see previews of what’s available as well as the full 2-week schedule. This semi-annual sale provide a wonderful opportunity for all those Santas out there to purchase plenty of great stocking stuffers!

The Westgate Jewelers Sidewalk Sale – Gotta Love it!


If you have a child in your family who’s afraid of the dark, author Sandra V. Feder’s recent release “The Moon Inside” ( , published by Groundwood Books ( provides a loving way to address this issue.

Beautifully illustrated by Aimee Sicuro, this book tells the story of sun-loving Ella who hates to lose daylight’s bright yellow light until her mother gently shows her how the moon’s comforting golden glow in the dark of night can be just as beautiful.  This book offers a wonderful way to open up discussions about the nighttime fears that often plague children.

The Moon Inside by Sandra V. Feder, pictures by Aimee Sicuro – Gotta Love It!