Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn (www.lindseyvonn.com)  wants every woman to become her most beautiful and in Vonn’s world, that means becoming strong in mind, body and spirit.

Strong is the New Beautiful” , written with Sarah Toland, from Dey Street Books (www.harpercollins.com) is an inspiring guide to looking and feeling your best by commiting to exercise, eating clean and whole foods, and developing an attitude of self-love and self-confidence. “Strong is the New Beautiful” embraces the idea that you don’t have to be a professional athlete, model or actress to consider yourself one of the beautiful people!  Recipes, exercises and suggestions for changing your mind in order to change your body make this guidebook the newest bible for developing true beauty that is the best kind of power.

Strong is the New Beautiful” by Lindsey Vonn with Sarah Toland – Gotta Love It!