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If there is a breakfast lover on your Christmas gift list, treat them to Bear Naked Custom Made Granola (www.

Bear Naked Custom Made Granola is the freshest and best tasting granola we have ever come across and best of all, YOU get to choose the ingredients to create your very own personal blend.  Start with a choice of Cacao + Cashew Butter, Honey or Chocolate base, then add three additional ingredients, choosing from a menu of more than 50 ingredients in such categories as fruits, nuts, sweets & spices and such exotic curated items as lavender, sweet bacon, coffee brittle and freeze-dried jalapeno. The possibilities are endless for creating a unique granola blend that really satisfies at breakfast, or just for snacking. The aroma is tantalizing and the taste is fresh and delicious. Customers even can choose  from a menu of five appealing bears to appear on the cannister. Within a free days of creating your order, a very beautiful presentation box will arrive at your door, so invite the Naked Bear in and enjoy! Use the code JOY10 to get a discount off your first order.

Bear Naked Custom Made Granola — Gotta Love It!


The Tuesday following the Thanksgiving Holiday has been designated as #GivingTuesday, an appropriate reminder to support those causes that are near and dear to your heart to help make this troubled planet a kinder and more loving place for all of us, humans and animals alike.

The Grey Muzzle Organization (  is a great example of one organization making a difference, in this case the lives of senior dogs, one doggie at a time. If animal and pet causes aren’t your thing, there are food banks, children’s charities and health organizations like Operation Smile who would welcome even a few more dollars in their coffers. And if you are not in a position to give time or money, why not consider promoting your favorite charitable cause on your Facebook or Twitter feed today to inspire others.

#GIVINGTUESDAY to Make a Difference in the World – Gotta Love It!


As the 2016 holiday season gets underway, we extend a grateful “thank you” to all of the authors, publishing companies, book editors, entrepreneurs , inventive companies and publicists who make this blog possible! And a special thanks to  YOU — our wonderful Gotta Love It subscribers!

Celebrating Thanksgiving — Gotta Love It!


In order to enjoy a happy holiday season, you have to also be healthy! Our book pick of the week is the recently released “Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Acupressure with Aromatherapy” by Karin Parramore (www.

There is tremendous power at the tips of your fingertips when you learn how to apply pressure to various energy points around the body, and this guide expertly helps you to find relief for no less than 64 different common health problems, including headaches, nausea, bedwetting, constipation, tennis elbow, hiccups and mild depression. There are over 300 photographs included, demonstrating exact pressure point techniques, and every condition discussed also includes suggestions for complementary therapies such as dietary supplements and exercise, along with recommendations for using essential aromatherapy oils.  This guide is one you and your family will refer to again and again and can help reduce your overall healthcare costs in the New Year without doctor visits and traditional pharmaceuticals.

The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Acupressure with Aromatherapy by Karin Parramore – Gotta Love It!


If there is one New Year’s resolution that will make a difference to your quality of life, it’s to stop eating junk and foods that are loaded with artificial ingredients. Frontier Bites ( takes you to the new horizon of smart and satisfying snack foods that actually use real ingredients like fruits, nuts and seeds to create delicious snack options.

Frontier Bites are available in three varieties: Almond Blueberry Lemon (our favorite), Pecan Cherry Cinnamon, and Macademia Pineapple Coconut.  Each crisp and crunchy bite-sized piece features a delicious blend of natural flavors and textures and are only 110 calories per 5 piece serving. You can purchase them by the 3.5 ounce zip-lock pouch or in individual serving sizes. Either option makes a great stocking stuffer for Christmas! 

Frontier Bites – Gotta Love It!


If there is anyone on your gift list this season who loves Hollywood, acting and the entertainment business, now is the time to pre-order William Daniels very entertaining autobiography, “There I Go Again” ( premiering March 1, 2017, published by Potomac Books, Inc.

Daniels considers himself a very lucky man, but most of that luck came through hard work and dedication, as he is one of the hardest working and most versatile actors in the business. “There I Go Again” provides readers with a  wonderful behind the scenes look at a working actor’s life, minus the sugar-coating that those of us in the audience usually see. Daniels speaks about successes, disappointments,  family and professional relationships, serendipity,  high points and low water marks with candor, humor and passion.  Fans of “1776”, ” Knight Rider”, “St. Elsewhere” and “Boy Meets World” will eagerly devour Daniel’s well-told tales and his shoot straight from the hip, tell-it-like-it-is style. 

“There I Go Again” by William Daniels – Gotta Love It!


The next time the munchies hit you, instead of reaching for a snack that’s empty calories, reach instead for Ips Chips (

Ips Chips are deliciously fluffy and crunchy chips that not only taste great, they provide you with protein to satisfy your hunger more quickly. In addition to  Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Barbeque (our favorite), White Cheddar and Cinnamon Chip varieties,  these protein-smart snacks also are available in two popcorn choices as Ips Pop (white cheddar and classic salted). What’s great about the chips and the popcorn is that a 1 oz. bag really does satisfy your snack cravings and there is no chemical or greasy aftertaste as happens so often with commercially produced popcorn and potato chip offerings. Ips Chips and Ips Pop make great Christmas stocking stuffers. Try them the next time you are binge watching your favorite TV series.

Ips Chips and Ips Pop Protein Snacks – Gotta Love It!



Although your budget may not be able to sustain giving travel to exotic locations to loved ones this Christmas, we’ve come across some great fiction releases that will allow your gift recipient to travel through time and space. Here are four books worthy of your consideration for gift giving this holiday season:

MIND CONTROL EMPIRE by Andrew Garvey ( follows Dr. Donald Isaccson, second-in-command of the Mental Stewardship (Mind Control) section in the soverein Intelligence Community that has sprung up after the great American Financial Collapse. But can a world in ruin ever rebuild itself by reformatting the human mind?


BREAKFAST TEA & BOURBON by Pete Bissonette ( offers the reader a very entertaining story about treasure hunter Nelson Moun, who joins a charitable treasure hunt, featuring a $50,000 prize sponsored by the League of Uncommon Gentlemen. But this unique novel also enables the reader to join in the hunt themselves, with clues hidden throughout the book that can lead them to the location of an actual treasure worth $50,000.


THE DIARY OF AN IMMORTAL by David J. Castello ( tells the fascinating tale of U.S. Army Combat medic Steven Ronson, who stumbles upon an immortality formula designed for Adolf Hitler in the waning days of World War II. But how will Ronson’s destiny be affected when he begins taking the magical formula himself and will his dreams turn instead into nightmares from which he cannot escape?


GETTING OFF ON FRANK SINATRA by Megan Edwards ( is a murder mystery set in the fabulous world of Las Vegas. Vegas newcomer Copper Black gets a job editing a local newspaper calendar section, but soon finds herself knee-deep in a murder mystery when she discovers a body hidden in one of the closets of the home where she is housesitting.

A New Fiction Release in Your Christmas Stocking – Gotta Love It!



If anyone (including yourself) has a serious sweet tooth, you need to know about the Magic Candy Factory (, a unique resource for creating 3-D gummy candy in a rainbow of fruit flavors, including lemon, mango elderberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, green apple and strawberry.

The Magic Candy Factory is the world first 3D gummy candy printer, choosing from among hundreds of shapes, including animals, smiley faces, flowers and romantic symbols. You can include your own message and your candy creation arrives in a beautiful presentation box. We ordered a green-apple octopus and were amazed at the beautiful detailing on the gummy creation that arrived.  So why settle for a box of ordinary chocolates this holiday season when you can let your imagination run wild at the Magic Candy Factory and produce a sweet gift that will be as memorable as it is beautiful.

The Magic Candy Factory 3-D gummy candy creations – Gotta Love It!


It’s that time of year when you have to start deciding what type of calendars you want to decorate your home or office in the New Year!

The Grey Muzzle Organization (, which does a terrific job helping care for and place senior dogs still searching for their forever homes across the country, is now taking pre-orders for its first ever wall calendar. The Grey Muzzle Organization 2017 Calendar showcases more than a dozen handsome, ready for their close-up senior dogs, representing the kinds of diverse clientele that The Grey Muzzle Organization serves every day of the year at shelters, rescue organizations and sanctuaries.

 Check out to reserve yours ($16 each) for shipping in late November.  Every purchase not only will add some wonderful love to any room where the 2017 Grey Muzzle Calendar is hung, but also help ensure that more senior dogs rest easy during the final years.

The Grey Muzzle 2017 Calendar – Gotta Love It!