Although your budget may not be able to sustain giving travel to exotic locations to loved ones this Christmas, we’ve come across some great fiction releases that will allow your gift recipient to travel through time and space. Here are four books worthy of your consideration for gift giving this holiday season:

MIND CONTROL EMPIRE by Andrew Garvey ( follows Dr. Donald Isaccson, second-in-command of the Mental Stewardship (Mind Control) section in the soverein Intelligence Community that has sprung up after the great American Financial Collapse. But can a world in ruin ever rebuild itself by reformatting the human mind?


BREAKFAST TEA & BOURBON by Pete Bissonette ( offers the reader a very entertaining story about treasure hunter Nelson Moun, who joins a charitable treasure hunt, featuring a $50,000 prize sponsored by the League of Uncommon Gentlemen. But this unique novel also enables the reader to join in the hunt themselves, with clues hidden throughout the book that can lead them to the location of an actual treasure worth $50,000.


THE DIARY OF AN IMMORTAL by David J. Castello ( tells the fascinating tale of U.S. Army Combat medic Steven Ronson, who stumbles upon an immortality formula designed for Adolf Hitler in the waning days of World War II. But how will Ronson’s destiny be affected when he begins taking the magical formula himself and will his dreams turn instead into nightmares from which he cannot escape?


GETTING OFF ON FRANK SINATRA by Megan Edwards ( is a murder mystery set in the fabulous world of Las Vegas. Vegas newcomer Copper Black gets a job editing a local newspaper calendar section, but soon finds herself knee-deep in a murder mystery when she discovers a body hidden in one of the closets of the home where she is housesitting.

A New Fiction Release in Your Christmas Stocking – Gotta Love It!