The next time the munchies hit you, instead of reaching for a snack that’s empty calories, reach instead for Ips Chips (

Ips Chips are deliciously fluffy and crunchy chips that not only taste great, they provide you with protein to satisfy your hunger more quickly. In addition to  Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Barbeque (our favorite), White Cheddar and Cinnamon Chip varieties,  these protein-smart snacks also are available in two popcorn choices as Ips Pop (white cheddar and classic salted). What’s great about the chips and the popcorn is that a 1 oz. bag really does satisfy your snack cravings and there is no chemical or greasy aftertaste as happens so often with commercially produced popcorn and potato chip offerings. Ips Chips and Ips Pop make great Christmas stocking stuffers. Try them the next time you are binge watching your favorite TV series.

Ips Chips and Ips Pop Protein Snacks – Gotta Love It!