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Wishing all of our “Gotta Love It” readers a warm and wonderful Christmas holiday!

Santa Claus and Christmas – Gotta Love It!


Parents now have a better alternative when it comes to toxin-free dental care with the introduction of Coral Kids Toothpaste, the world’s only natural toothpaste formulated with ionic calcium and fossilized coral minerals (

What kids notice first about  Coral Kids Toothpaste is its appealing berry bubblegum aroma and flavor. This made-in-the-USA teeth cleaner and whitener contains no flouride, synthetic colors or sodium lauryl sulfate. Just pure and healthy natural ingredients like spearmint oils, ginseng, ginkgo biloba and hydrogen peroxide are used to create this non-toxic toothpaste formula that leaves teeth feeling smooth and polished, and breath tasting fresh and minty. Add a tube of Coral Kids Toothpaste to your children’s Christmas stocking this year to ensure a nice bright and healthy smile throughout 2017.

Coral Kids Toothpaste – Gotta Love It!



Former U.S. Navy Seal Mark Divine invites readers to reshape their minds, bodies and spirits through Kokoro, the Japanese concept of warrior spirit, in his new book, “Kokoro Yoga”, published by St. Martin’s Griffin (

This intensive form of yoga practice aims at improving mental and physical balance, increasing flexibility and improving muscle mass with peak performance in all areas of life – physical, mental and spirital – the ultimate goal. If you want to really challenge yourself in 2017, this book , with plenty of photographic illustrations and recommendations, will guide you to developing the spirit of a warrior in all aspects of your life.

Kokora Yoga by Mark Divine – Gotta Love It!


C. Eric Banister is an unabashed fan of the Southern Rock genre of music popularized by such legends as Hank Williams, Jr., Black Crowes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Marshall Tucker Band.

Banister’s “Counting Down Southern Rock: The 100 Best Songs , published by Rowman & Littlefield ( serves as a love letter to 100 of these artists and some of their most memorable musical creations. Starting with Hank Williams Jr.’ s “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way”, Banister examines, dissects and offers commentary on 100 Southern Rock songs, including interesting historical data and entertaining trivia. This book makes a great gift for the music enthusiast this season.

Counting Down Southern Rock: The 100 Best Songs” by E. Eric Banister – Gotta Love It!


If there is a grandparent or other senior family member or friend in your social circle who has been reluctant to become part of the social media generation, we found the perfect Christmas gift — Facebook for Seniors by Carrie Ewin, Chris Ewin and Cheryl Ewin, published by No Starch Press (

This informative and easy to follow book breaks down Facebook into 12 lessons, including such topics as security precautions, creating a password and profile, finding friends, and how to message, share photos and chat. The information, guidance and explanations contained in this entertaining guidebook doesn’t have to be limited to the 60-plus generation, however. This book is a great resource for anyone who wants to use the social media giant known as Facebook to its fullest advantage.

Facebook for Seniors by Carrie Ewin, Chris Ewin and Cheryl Ewin – Gotta Love It!


If you find yourself in need of break from all of the usual holiday rushing around, treat yourself to a stolen hour or two, armed with your favorite libation and a copy of  “Always in Fashion” by Bert Geiger (

“Always in Fashion” is Geiger’s personal tour through his career in the fashion world, from his earliest recollections of being fascinated by  the topic as a 3-year-old in Brooklyn, to travelling around the world in search of the next design trend. Geiger has a lively and breezy writing style that makes the reader feel like they are a valued travelling companion, along for a fascinating ride in this well-told tale of a well-lived life. If you have a budding fashion photographer or designer on your Xmas-gift list, Geiger’s autobiography makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

“Always in Fashion” – Gotta Love It!


Beautiful Mindcraft by James Delaney,  one of the latest releases from No Starch Press ( in San Francisco,  is a stunning example of the power of imagination and the mind’s ability to create.

This artbook is based on the Mindcraft video game and features a wonderful array of projects undertaken by a variety of builders to create everything from steampunk  cities and horses to replicas of the some of the world’s most famous architecture.  Some of the projects depicted in full glorious color were accomplished by one builder using thousands of blocks and several hours time, while others required a team of builders using millions of blocks and days to complete. This book makes a terrific stocking stuffer for gamers as well as a welcome coffee table book for any art lover.

Beautiful Mindcraft by James Delaney – Gotta Love It!


Oh, the weather outside may be turning frightful, but wintry conditions are the perfect time to toast the holidays with New Belgium’s  ( line-up of dark and delicious ales.

We recently had the opportunity to sample New Belgium Accumulation, a White India Pale Ale, and New Belgium Spiced Imperial Dark Ale from their Lips of Faith Series. Both are worthy of stocking on your holiday bar — full flavored, a bit of a bite, and perfect as an accompaniment to soft pretzels with mustard, grilled sausages and other holiday snacks.  Check out their website for the full New Belgium Brewing Co. line-up from Fort Collins, CO and add a variety of new tastes to your holiday buffet.

Holiday brews from New Belgium Brewing – Gotta Love It!




It’s the thoughtful and accommodating holiday host and hostess who ensure that their party buffet features foods that are wheat & gluten free.  Now you are able to offer a variety of delicious breads, rolls and bakery products to your guests who may be wheat & gluten intolerant by selecting from among the many quality bread products developed by BFree Foods (

BFree Foods offers an extensive line-up of products perfect for holiday party entertaining, including a Quinoa and Chia Seed Wrap (pictured above), Pita Bread, dinner rolls, hot dog rolls and sandwich bread. The BFree products we recently sampled tasted fresh and delicious and we especially liked the wraps for filling with everything from seafood and egg salad to scrambled eggs and deli meats. We were surprised to discover that these products tasted as good as, if not better than, many of our favorite conventional bread products. BFree Products can also be stored in the freezer for future use so you can buy them ahead of time and have them ready for any impromptu entertaining. Check out joining the Club BFree on the company’s website to be alerted first about new product developments, recipes and promotions!

BFree Foods – Gotta Love It! 


Author Robin Raven has provided a wonderful gift to the literary world with her recently introduced “Santa’s First Vegan Christmas” (, a story that appeals to children of all ages who believe in the transformative power of the holiday season.

This story , beautifully illustrated through the talents of Kara Maria Schunk,  is a charming and magical retelling of the classic Night Before Christmas story.  Inspiring a love of reading is one of the best gifts that any parent can give a child, and “Santa’s First Vegan Christmas” can begin a wonderful tradition at your house .  Among its many gentle messages are the importance of treating everyone with kindness, including the creatures in the animal kingdom.  This is a book that children and parents can enjoy reading together again and again.

Santa’s First Vegan Christmas” by Robin Raven, illustrated by Kara Maria Schunk — Gotta Love It!