It’s the thoughtful and accommodating holiday host and hostess who ensure that their party buffet features foods that are wheat & gluten free.  Now you are able to offer a variety of delicious breads, rolls and bakery products to your guests who may be wheat & gluten intolerant by selecting from among the many quality bread products developed by BFree Foods (

BFree Foods offers an extensive line-up of products perfect for holiday party entertaining, including a Quinoa and Chia Seed Wrap (pictured above), Pita Bread, dinner rolls, hot dog rolls and sandwich bread. The BFree products we recently sampled tasted fresh and delicious and we especially liked the wraps for filling with everything from seafood and egg salad to scrambled eggs and deli meats. We were surprised to discover that these products tasted as good as, if not better than, many of our favorite conventional bread products. BFree Products can also be stored in the freezer for future use so you can buy them ahead of time and have them ready for any impromptu entertaining. Check out joining the Club BFree on the company’s website to be alerted first about new product developments, recipes and promotions!

BFree Foods – Gotta Love It!