We made an interesting find at our local Wine & Spirits Shoppe recently after seeing a CBS News report that model/personality Christie Brinkley has gotten into the wine business.

Bellissima ( is a collection of three different sparkling wines, all made in Italy using organic grapes.  Prosecco DOC Brut is the driest and least sweet of the trio, with Sparkling Rose Wine (our favorite) a lovely blend of sweet-tart fruits and a luscious pink color,  and Zero Sugar Sparkling Wine, containing zero sugars and artificial flavors. The bottle itself features stunning artwork that makes it suitable for gift-giving without wrappping, simply attach a bow or big ribbon. Bellissima is a sparkling wine choice that complements any meal, cocktail hour or dessert party!

Bellissima Sparkling Wines by Christie Brinkley – Gotta Love It!