If you love hot coffee, wine or tea but don’t like the stains they leave on your teeth or the smudges the cup or glass can create on your lipstick, get acquainted with the Koffie Straw (www.koffiestraw.com).

The Koffie Straw is a neat little device made of 100% silicone that is uniquely angled to position in your coffee or tea cup so you can enjoy your beverage without it ever touching your lips or teeth. Every Koffie Straw kit contains 2 permanent, washable straws and cleaning brush, but you can also run Koffie Straws through the dishwasher for use again and again. Koffie Straw comes in two sizes  as well as a variety of colors.  Unlike paper or plastic straws, Koffie Straw won’t melt or disintegrate, but keeps you sipping in style for many months to come.

Koffie Straw – Gotta Love It!