The author of “Talks with Trees”, Leslie Cabarga, has a distinctly unique talent as a plant psychic – he is able to communicate with trees, vegetables and other plant life!

“Talks with Trees”, (  first published by Iconoclassics in 1997, is an amazing record of Carbarga’s conversation with everything from lettuce and sprouted onions to hickory, Japanese maple, redwood, palm and tropical Banyan trees around the globe. What they have to say about life and living, the simplicity of simply being in the present moment, and other philosophical thoughts and observations makes for enchanting reading.

Most of us are guilty of ignoring or simply not noticing the lush beauty of the many trees that surround us as we go about our daily business. We guarantee you will never be able to look at trees and other vegetation in your daily life the same after reading this magical book.

“Talks with Trees” by Leslie Cabarga – Gotta Love It!