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If you love movies, “Making The Elephant Man: A Producer’s Memoir” by Jonathan Sanger ( is one book to definitely add to your reading list in 2017.

“Making the Elephant Man” is a very fascinating recounting of the producer’s more than year-long journey to create a motion picture based on the story of John Merrick, a 19th century one-time sideshow freak known as The Elephant Man , due to ¬†major congenital disfigurations. Sanger writes with such detail and passion about the sometimes roller-coaster of a ride that involves bringing all of the talent, money and inspiration together to put something memorable and worthwhile on the screen. His memoir is a great behind-the scenes look at the hard work, long hours, luck, serendipity and sheer guts it takes to create an award-winning film that is still worth viewing almost 40 years later. Published by McFarland & Company (, the book is available at Amazon, GoodReads and Barnes & Noble.

“Making the Elephant Man: A Producer’s Memoir” by Jonathan Sanger — Gotta Love It!



Another New Year provides another 365 days to celebrate and we can’t think of anything that makes a celebration more special than a decorated cake. Jakki Friedman and Francesca Librae offer recipes and instructions in their recently released “Gravity Cakes!” ( that are guaranteed to amuse and amaze your guests.

Gravity Cakes!” features step-by-step¬†photo illustrated instructions for creating 45 different theme cakes with one common bond – something amazing seems to defy gravity by hovering over the cake. There is one key element that costs less than a dollar that makes this trick possible, but no spoilers here. If you are a home chef who enjoys baking, treat yourself to “Gravity Cakes!” and learn some amazing cake decorating and construction tips guaranteed to make any 2017 celebration memorable.

“Gravity Cakes!” by Jakki Friedman and Francesca Librae – Gotta Love It!