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Red Rooster The Cookbook: The Story of Food and Hustle in Harlem by Marcus Samuelsson, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,  is an unabashed love letter to the people, culture and cuisine found in Harlem, New York. (

Chef Marcus Samuelsson interweaves the story of his immigration to the Harlem melting pot of African, Caribbean and Spanish-Americans and how he created a gathering place for showcasing this neighborhood’s unique cuisine, a soul food that draws from numerous cultures and generations. The recipes showcased are anything but ordinary, featuring  a blend of Southern, African and Caribbean favorites, including goat stew, fried green tomatoes, chocolate gravy over ham buns and the all-time breakfast favorite, Chicken and Waffles. This unique cookbook is the next best thing to visiting Harlem in person.

Red Rooster The Cookbook:  The Story of Food and Hustle in Harlem by Marcus Samuelsson – Gotta Love It!


Considering that we spend about one-third of our lives in bed, it makes good sense to have the most comfortable pillow possible to ensure a restful night’s sleep. We recently had the pleasure of testing out a Mountain Air Organic Beds Shredded Rubber Pillow Deluxe ( and am happy to report that this pillow took us to dreamland faster than any other pillow brand we have tried!

The rubber filling is a mix of 100% natural latex and organic latex scraps from the cuttings left over from Mountain Air Organic Beds mattresses and is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. This pillow is dust mite resistant and bugs simply can’t breed in it. We liked the density of the filling, the temperature of the pillow felt comfortable throughout the night, and we didn’t have to keep readjusting the pillow in order to feel comfortable. Unlike other pillows that left us with a stiff neck, we awoke every morning with no neck tension.

This high quality pillow comes with its own washable cover made from certified organic cotton knit fabric. So if you are still tossing and turning on a lumpy pillow that’s seen better days, you owe it to yourself to give Mountain Air Organic Beds Shredded Rubber Pillow Deluxe a try and treat yourself to a refreshing and restorative night’s sleep. Check out Mountain Air Organic Beds’ full line of organic mattresses and bedding on their website, all built for comfort, longevity and a restful night’s sleep.

Mountain Air Organic Beds Shredded Rubber Pillow Deluxe – Gotta Love It!


Inundated with opportunities to share all types of information through social media, children today may find it challenging to keep a secret or to not tell everything they know.

Janice Brown’s clever story “Rumorang” (, beautifully illustrated  by Lane Raichert, shows exactly the troubles that can ensue when kids spread comments to one another that are meant to be kept secret. This is a wonderful modern retelling of the old “whisper down the alley” game, where hurt feelings and plenty of confusion can result when everybody tends to tell everything they know, or at least retell what they think they heard. This charming book has good lessons to learn on many levels and is a great teaching tool for parents and kids to share.

Rumorang by Janice Brown — Gotta Love It!


If peanut butter is on the do not eat list for you or other family members due to allergies or other health concerns, Sneaky Chef ( offers you an amazing alternative that mimics the taste and spreadability of authentic peanut butter.

Sneaky Chef creamy NO-NUT Butter has the same spreadability and savory mouth-feel of traditional peanut butter, but contains absolutely no nut products of any kind. The secret ingredient it uses to create this amazing tasting PB replica is golden peas. Sneaky Chef makes it possible for peanut and nut allergy sufferers to enjoy PB&J sandwiches again using this creamy and delicious NO-NUT spread.

Sneaky Chef Creamy NO-NUT Butter  –Gotta Love It!


The recent release of Kat Kronenberg’s “Dream Big” storybook (, published by Greenleaf Book Group Press (  is a lovely gift that is sure to inspire children to breathe life into their dreams by believing.

This charming story is set in the lush African savanna, where a group of animals each begins to learn a very powerful secret that can be life-changing. Kronenberg’s inspiring story is beautifully illustrated by artist Stephenie Dehennin, using a bold array of colors sure to attract the interest of the littlest ones who cannot yet make out the words. The message delivered in this book is an important ones for children to hear early, but is also just as valuable for children of all ages.

Dream Big by Kat Kronenberg — Gotta Love It!


The Young and the Restless soap opera fans can rejoice that Eric Braeden’s (  very engaging autobiography, “I’ll Be Damned”, is being released today from Harper Collins Publishers (

Whether or not you are familiar with Braeden’s seminal Y & R character of Victor Newman, you will thoroughly enjoy this actor’s sharing of his amazing journey from a birth in World-War II Germany to a successful career in acting, athletics, and humanitarian efforts. Braeden’s recollections fail to dish the dirt on Hollywood, focusing instead of the people and circumstances that shaped this Renaissance man’s life. After turning the final page of “I’ll Be Damned”, you will feel as if you have met a German immigrant who has worked hard to earn respect and do both his native and adopted countries very proud.

I’ll Be Damned by Eric Braeden – Gotta Love It!


If you love vintage and costume jewelry, mark your calendars for Sunday, February 19th. That’s the kick-off date for the next Westgate Jewelers ( Sidewalk Sale in Bethlehem, PA.

Would you believe thousands of items for as little as one dollar, with watches for $3 and even more expensive sterling silver and designer jewels for under $20 each! This is a jewelry and bling lovers dream. Don’t miss it.

Westgate Jewelers Famous Sidewalk Sale — Gotta Love It!


On Task ( a creatively designed tool to help keep you focused on priority tasks as well as keep you better organized. 

This three-sided sturdy and well-constructed whiteboard serves a triple purpose, as a paperweight, storage container and message board. It comes complete with a dry eraser marker stored inside, with plenty of room left for receipts, paper clips, scissors and other office tools.  The eraser to wipe off old messages is conveniently stored inside one of the blue end triangles, making On Task a simple and efficient way to keep your desk, counter top or office better organized. It launches this month on Kickstarter, and you can sign up at the website noted above for future notifications.

On Task – Gotta Love It!



How many of us have secretly desired to return to a simpler, more rural lifestyle, doing hands on work that gives a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day? Goat farming may provide the transformation you are seeking, and “The Joy of Keeping Goats” by Laura Childs ( is an excellent resource guide to help you make that decision.

Laura Child is a small farm owner herself and speaks from firsthand experience when discussing the types and breeds of goats that are best as pets, for meat, fiber or dairy purposes, along with providing detailed information about the daily work involved in their care, feeding, breeding, milking and shearing.  Whether you have ever fantasized about keeping one or two goats in your backyard or purchasing a small rural property to become a full-time goat farmer, this helpful resource provides a no-nonsense guide to enjoying the good life raising goats.

“The Joy of Keeping Goats” by Laura Childs – Gotta Love It!


If you’re frowning after hearing that the Groundhog today predicted six more weeks of winter, then head to your local Sonic Drive-In ( for the smile that comes with trying out their new Lil’ Grillers snack sandwiches.

Anyone who loves grilled cheese sandwiches will love the new Lil’ Grillers. You can enjoy plain American cheese filled,  filled with egg and bacon or egg and sausage, or try them with a beef burger or a chicken strip with Buffalo sauce filling (our favorite).  Students studying for exams, moms on the run doing errands, and fans binging on their favorite TV series late into the evening will all enjoy the convenience, affordability and delicious taste of Lil’ Grillers for snacking.

Lil’ Grillers from Sonic – Gotta Love It!